Sunday, June 11, 2017

some bubbles

hello once more

one of those posts geared to those who find the somewhat more peculiar things interesting here, look you see. all this is really going to amount to is an image of a detail of my washing machine, followed by a brief video. so, if you read on beyond that caution, time lost is yours.

a distinct joy of the boys being so presently enthusiastic about cricket is, to be sure, the wearing of cricket whites. and whites they wear. yes, i know, there are many "pyjama" like kits for the one day or other such limited over games, but the game should be played in whites. this, amongst other things, makes that shiny red ball all the easier to see when in play.

every dream has a price of course. in this case, the cost of wearing cricket whites is the subsequent washing of cricket whites.

quite bubbly, as you can see. and, indeed, as the title of this particular post offered in the form of a tacit or otherwise implied promise to you all. and when i say you all, i do mean all of you that elected to carry on reading.

normally my washing of the cricket whites would not generate quite so many bubbles. if it did then surely i would have shared earlier. no, in this instance quite a lot of stain removal liquids, and other forms of detergent, were applied.

why? well, for now here is the video of he bubbles in the washing machine for all you lovely, lovely people who are able to watch and enjoy video here.

the intensive washing is no sign of a particularly harsh game. far from it, as it happens. the match from which these clothes came was played on a lovely day. it's just that, after the game, James continued to wear his cricket whites. which was unfortunate when combined with his, to him, jolly good idea of climbing under my car. a car which was not moving of course but has, it transpires, something of a slight oil leak.

is it that the bubbles have done all which was wished of them and removed the oil stains? partially. some remnants of the mark linger. i suppose this means some further scrubbing and perhaps another bout with yet more bubbles.

well, there you have it. may i finish off by suggesting a wish, nay hope, that your washing endeavours are most supremely successful.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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