Monday, June 12, 2017

over twenty one

who is and who isn't

on friday, 9 june 2017 AD this country, ostensibly being the UK, woke eager for news on what could or perhaps would be a momentous shift in society. no, not that, look you see. i speak of course of whether or not the debut solo single of Liam Gallagher would chart, to be sure.

whilst the single itself, Wall Of Glass, is a very good an exceptionally decent rock tune we have seen that this is now not enough to chart. the likes of Primal scream and Kasabian have in recent times failed to dent the top 40.

a good deal of credit for failure in the above - and many others - must go to the way that the Official Chart Company has ruthlessly wrecked the UK charts. and, of course, to those who have worked out how to manipulate it to the satisfaction of their ego.

no matter, for Liam sort of kind of in this day and age did indeed get some chart success action.

back in the time when the charts were proper and only sales counted 21 would, if we are honest, be considered a failure. in this era of number of plays in certain circumstances somehow counts, however, that is really rather good.

undoubtedly the performance in the chart of Wall Of Glass was boosted by Liam's presence at the One Love Manchester concert. that's fairly normal, and has been a chart bounce virtually every artist has experience from such since Live Aid back in 1985. this does, too, account for the presence of the song which is at number 25 in the chart.

so anyway, nice one Liam, and bring on the solo album in October!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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