Wednesday, June 14, 2017

now and then

hello everyone

many thanks indeed for dropping by. and, cor blimey, there's been a fair few posts this month compared to the last two. i've been somewhat busy, look you see, but do try to make all efforts i can to update here with things of interest.

something of most decided interest, to be sure, was an item which was delivered to our home yesterday. not that we are special in this respect, for it is something that is delivered to many homes.

what precisely? why, the latest edition of Now & Then magazine.

it really is a fantastic publication, and in truth far better than the poor quality picture i have taken. sorry, for some reason was struggling to hold the phone with a camera welded on it still enough.

what makes it so good? well, other than being free, or if you like gratis, it's filled with all sorts of wonderful articles on the past, present and future of our part of the world. it is splendid to be able to look upon memories and superb to see what's going on.

the free nature of the magazine is, to be sure, made possible by adverts. these adverts are, in the overwhelming part, unobtrusive and of genuine interest to readers. one such advert, for instance, caught my eye on page 77.

no, not the tree work one, as interesting as that is. i speak of course of the one above for The Taper, a site you can see by clicking here.

this really is a splendid and most excellent new service, allowing people to bring back their memories. a wide range of services are offered, all focused on bringing back your memories. whether you need an old VHS tape made into a DVD, or photos, negatives and slides made into digital images, The Taper will deliver for you. and at some pretty sensational low cost, too, looking at what some people charge.

thank you very much for reading this far, but let me delay you no more. i am sure you are keen to go and have a look at what The Taper can do for you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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