Monday, May 29, 2017

Ώδα στα γκρίζα

Γειά σου

it quite often feels like the introductory parts i do to these blogs are, look you see, a waste of time. the title is so perfect in saying what it's all about that sometimes i think i should just jump straight into the business end of it all, so to speak. this would save you time, in particular when scrolling down to ignore the words and just look at the pictures.

my chum Spiros has, as he is so prone to do, once again been on his travels around this world of ours. as such, he has been so kind as to consider me and fetched me some more lovely, lovely fags.

this instance of him doing this great act of kindness is interesting as it has seen him get me a whole load of Greek fags, or if you like fags off of Greece. the interesting part, if you are wondering, is that in an official or ostensible way he hasn't actually been to the Greece as part of his current travels.

yes, there they are, beautified in presentation via the means, or if you like conduit, of the Commodore 64 mode on my sort of new phone thing what has a camera welded to it. or in it, if that's the right way of saying it.

i suspect the picture above makes this exceedingly clear. if not, the pictures below kind of will, but for the sake of writing something here, yes these Greek fags are indeed the highly prestigious ones off of George Karelias And Sons.

Grecian, rather than Greek, more like. these fags, to be sure, do hark back to the classical Greek history which is cherished by the term Grecian, after all, and so that's how i should refer to them. as should you. my apologies, if required, for any upset i caused by not referring to them in the most respectful way possible open to me from the outset.

as the above picture so diligently illustrates the focus of these Greek / Grecian cigarettes never shies away from quality. they are presented in one of those flat, flip open cases which exude quality and dignity. the fine, foiled paper which blankets the box encases the cigarettes to absolute perfection. this is all of little surprise, of course, or at the least should not be. hallmarks of quality are what it is to be of Greek origin.

that said, Spiros was particularly pleased when he opened up one of the packets and saw this. no, he is not a smoker himself as such. he just fancied seeing what they looked like. and what they looked like was something that made him happy.

should, however, for some peculiar reason that would be too obscure for my simple mind to comprehend, you need explicit assurance of the quality then you may have it. each packet of these splendid, splendid Grecian cigarettes comes with a bespoke Guarantee of Quality, as you can see in the below image. which has for some reason come out sideways.

to the business end, then. how do these fine, fine, Grecian cigarettes perform in their duty and obligation. thus, how are they to smoke? well, at the first instance, yes they are somewhat shorter than the traditional common "king size" cigarette. and yet they make no claim at all to be of this size, or any other, but that which they are.

in lighting one up the smoker is transformed from any ordinary or common experience. immediately you are transposed, in mind and spirit, to the coming of dawn by the shore of the Aegean Sea. there it is where you stand with your fellow men, resplendent in simple cloths made of peasant cotton, accompanied by your fellow men. all of you have copious hair protruding from your head, face and chest.

as the sun rises, glistening across the clear, beautiful and crisp (hello, Faye) blue of the Aegean, you and your brethren strip down to as nature intended and enter the waters which have washed so very much of our history and civilisation. within these waters you fish. you and your fellow men capture a formidable shoal of fish, colloquially combining them upon the shore to roast across a fire and eat.

still naked and smiling, you as men embrace by the slightest spills of the Aegean, wrestling as the gods decree, admiring the curls of salt watered touched beards and the perfection of chest hair; with particular emphasis on the symmetry. and then, as the sun fades away from another odyssey o'er the Aegean, you light up a George Karelias And Sons cigarette in a communal way, basking in your endeavours and breathing in the history.

yes, the above image does show off the part of the packaging which Spiros particularly liked. he was very much enamoured with that gold foil on the paper in the box, look you see, to be sure.

once again then i must stress how exceedingly grateful i am to Spiros for his kindness and generosity in bringing forward these fags for me to enjoy. the barbaric and brutalist tax implemented on cigarettes here in the UK means that without such kindness i would be in all sorts of trouble.

do, however, please pay close attention to the many warnings presented, both here and on all packets of cigarettes, about the health consequences. they are not good for you, at all, and smoking dramatically prohibits your chances of immortality.

Να είναι εξαιρετική σε κάθε άλλη !!!!!!!!

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