Saturday, June 03, 2017



i would seem to be in one of them spells where i don't really have all that much of interest to thrust out into the world. well, sure, that could be true of all times i suppose, look you see, but for now i am not so sure there's much to tell.

as and when such an incident of time comes along one can do a lot worse that wile away the moments by having a look at some ducks. to this end, then, here are some ducks which i spotted recently. not that it was difficult to do so, for i was walking by their natural abode.

indeed yes, as the lighter shade of blue to the sky intimates, it was a most splendid day to be out and about. many others were, too, which vindicated my decision to be out. should such be needed.

those of you who are capable of playing the videos i upload here from time to time might be of a mind to wish to watch video footage of ducks. i am most happy, indeed delighted, to make such available to you.

splendid, all very much splendid.

right, so, well, there we have it. more stuff later, i suppose. as and when there's something interesting to write about and show here, i dare say that i shall. in the mean time, enjoy the ducks.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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