Thursday, June 22, 2017

lynx you under review

hi there

it certainly feels like quite a while since i reviewed some personal scent products off of Lynx, to be sure. perhaps you have assumed that i have accepted i am quite close to three times the age of people for which this deodorant is intended. not so, look you see. it's really rather more the case that i have settled in to a particular favourite from them. or two. maybe three.

for all the knocks and comments it gets i have still found lynx, or if you are big into your capitalisation Lynx, to be the best. the last one i probably reviewed (sorry, i cannot be bothered to search and link) was Black Night. as i took that to be a tribute to the song Black Night White Light off of Frankie Goes To Hollywood i have pretty much stuck with that.

also, though, every now and then i shall use Excite, for those who are destined to spend time in close proximity to me, in particular my (considerably) better half, quite like the coconut nature of it. and then from time to time when i feel Greek, Roman or American Space Program i shall use Apollo, in particular when i sense the ancestral gods i saw walking in my dreams.

time, then, for a go at a new scent they have unleashed, and what i purchased partially on the cheap.

indeed it is called You, as the title of this post gives away in a somewhat clever if not obvious way. several of the retailers i use are presently selling this at a most agreeable price; presumably as an initial push for this fragrance they have just unleashed. there is some sort of television advert for it too, but the specifics of it are things which i have forgotten.

yes, that above image is in the format of ZX Spectrum. i thought it might be quite nice to mix things up. the camera application i used is somewhat generous, however, as i would suspect such a quality image would be impossible to create on an actual ZX Spectrum.

as i have confessed to in the past, yes i do appreciate who, or if you are so inclined what, the lynx range of deodorants are intended for. primarily they are supposed to be used on a virtually exclusive basis by the more feral of teenagers. the purpose of it is to attract a mate for the briefest of times for quasi breeding purposes. 

no, i most certainly and decidedly do not wish to conjure up elements of that sort of thing happening by wearing it, thank you. it's just that i tend to find practically all other (cheap) brands of deodorant to be prickly, dry and of an unpleasant scent if not odour. a reasonable percentage of the lynx branded deodorants do, then, do what i want from a deodorant. quite terribly first world problem of me i know, but one can only play the hand which they are dealt.

at some stage in this post i shall, undoubtedly, get around to doing an actual review, or perhaps comment, on what this stuff is like. for now, though, i have every confidence that you would be interested in seeing an image of a tin or can of it in Nintendo Gameboy style. here you go.

that would of course be the "classic" original green hue Gameboy style, and not one of the later, fancier versions of the device which offered different colours as a selling point.

so how does it smell, or what's the scent like? confrontational, i suppose, in something of a stand-offish yet extroverted way. quite sugary in many ways, but with a prevailing sense of musk. this must, i presume, be the kind of smell that all them millennial type of kids running around not so much like but are instinctively attracted to. 

have i worn You out in public? yes i have. no one threw anything at me, or otherwise visibly retched, so i guess it's been accepted by society as a fragrance which shall be tolerated. so far as i am aware it did not, however, attract any of them feral teenagers, though. mostly this is very good, for i would not want such a thing to happen. presumably my lack of complimentary features, such as neck tattoos and an ill fitting, curiously stained tracksuit, prevented the attraction effect taking full force.

quite a clever bit of branding, this You is. whilst all advertising must at heart be aspirational to make you have the desire to want for it, here in the UK making it all about "you" is the key to successful advertising. stuffing advertising or sales pitches with "you" and "your" is the key to success here. an example of this would be one of the many gambling websites i see advertised. one has elected to showcase how you can bookmark  a specific part of their site as being all "making it possible for you to get to your game, so you can play your game the way you want, when you want". repetitive, but it surely works here.

anyway, i would dare to suggest that this is all i can tell you about, well, You off of the lynx or if you should want it said that way Lynx. should this all have been of particular use or interest to someone, absolutely anyone, out there, well then so much the better.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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