Friday, June 09, 2017

cricket capers continued


yes, indeed. no matter what else is going on in and around our world, there shall surely always be cricket, look you see. the season is well under way, with some tournaments of note on the go, but of course to be sure. with the boys being keen to be out playing this, the most perfect of games, there is an opportunity for pictures.

there's James prior to a most recent match. yes, quite, well spotted - that would indeed be young William hanging about in the background there. as you can see, a perfect day for playing a perfect game of cricket.

all of these pictures, i should warn, are taken from different days at different locations over the last week or so. i figured it would be best to just bring them all together rather than do separate posts for each. this is quite true for you that doesn't like seeing pictures of me myself here.

like, for instance, this one.

i would agree with any comment that you may be making about how long, big, shabby and distressed my beard is. do i plan on doing something about it? nothing but plan, dear reader. almost daily i consider charging up my clippers shaving thing to give it a trim, but alas don't get around to it. perhaps one day i will. maybe soon, since it goes like straw in the summer heat.

but less of me and more of the 75% of my family you like a lot more than me, to be sure. and of course more of the cricket. here you go, here's James doing a spot of fielding.

strictly speaking i could get away with saying that he's in action in the above at the SCG. only, though, it's not that SCG. it's Stokesley Cricket Ground rather than the one in Sydney.

have i been to the other or if you like that SCG? yes. Dad took me and Richard, or if you like Richard and i, in early 1983. although now that i look at the dates and think about it, it might actually have been the Gabba he took us to in late 1982. i am sure he shall advise me.

video, i know, can be an issue for some of you on this site. for those able to play the videos, here you go, here is a clip of James doing some splendid bowling.

yes, a video of him batting will feature too, i am just not putting them both together. for some reason, perhaps the aesthetics of it all, normally i like to spread things around here.

some recent images of my (considerably) better half? why not. i don't think she has featured here of late as such, for no particular reason. here you go then, here she is strutting her stuff along the side of the boundary rope, as she is so prone to do.

with him, alas, not being old enough to be in a competitive team yet William does not feature too much on this post. except, of course, for this most splendid picture of him.

whilst he may not yet be able to play in any sort of competitive way, William is developing a most healthy and wonderful love for cricket. he goes along to practice with the juniors on a weekly basis and really, really loves it.

is now a good time for the other video? i should say yes, because after this there are just three more images, and i feature in 66% of them. so you may want to watch the video, look at the picture below it, then depart lest you see an image of me you don't care to see.

getting back on track somewhat, yes, for those of you who can play the video with no problems - that's James having a go at batting. i say having a go, but he's rather good. no single scored off the above shot, but there was a good hearty whack sound as the ball hit the meat of the bat, so i elected to use this one.

further visual evidence of my (considerably) better half strutting her stuff by the boundary rope as, it says above, she is so prone to do? of course, why not.

speaking of my (considerably) better half, indeed for the most part we do go together with the boys to both matches and practice or if you like training sessions. whilst we just about always sit and watch the matches in full, normally when it's training time we seek something else to do.

like, for example, go for a stroll around our green, pleasant, lovely and beautiful land.

that is, of course, my beloved "Reni" hat that i have on. yes, of course, the same one what i wore to see Reni, and the others who form The Stone Roses, at Heaton Park somewhere close to five years ago.

quite, yes - all this cricket business with the boys is affording my (considerably) better half and i the chance to spend some quality time together. in quality settings, too. let me not get all mushy or washed with sentimental hygiene, instead let's just say nice one.

the videos, by the way, are sent directly (note not "streamed" or whatever) to my Dad. he is up and about on the other side of the world as the games go on, and is delighted to convey some coaching tips to James on the basis of what he sees. many thanks, much appreciated.

aaah, what a nice picture. it is not so often that i like images of myself, just like you. that one, however, seems to me to be most splendid. why yes it was taken on the final friday of the month of may this year; a very special occasion indeed.

so, well, and that's that for where we are, when we are and how we are. splendid, for the considerable most part. i can only, in my heart, hope that the same is true for all of you.

until the next time, then,

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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