Tuesday, June 20, 2017

more mugs


there are two things which would be true of me, look you see. one is that i have no shortage of mugs whatsoever. another would be that i seldom fail to turn my back on a jolly good deal. these two qualities are rarely well married.

undoubtedly there are other matters true of me, but they are of little relevance right now. with the above two in mind, then, it be time to look at not one, not three but a further two mugs which i have taken under curatorship. or taken ownership of. or something like that.

yes, more Star Wars mugs, or if you like mugs what have branding and images of Star Wars on them. just sticking the name of something on it does not make it thus, to be sure. and once again it's a bit of branding what features helmeted characters, for using characters played by humans sans mask would require permission to use their likeness and the paying of royalties.

what's the story behind these ones? we were out getting some things as a family. ostensibly glasses, as it happens. we spotted them and thought they looked quite smart. also, we saw that the cost price of them was 79p in British money a piece, and thus felt obliged to get them for such a consequential fee. well, ok, yeah, i felt obliged.

yes, in the beautification of Commodore 64 mode, that is indeed one of the mugs. another Darth Vader one for the collection, and indeed another with the "i am your father" line composed upon it.what i quite like about this is the quasi pop art cartoonish orange dot background. and the font used for the name of Darth Vader.

oh hey, another month, so another look at my Star Wars concept art calendar is due. i have presented an image every month of relevance, i think, within a post relevant to all things Star Wars. which possibly means i am writing too much on the subject, but anyway.

after six months of the first released Star Wars film the thing has now moved on to the world of the second one, The Empire Strikes Back. this is the film that tends to be the favourite of my generation and those who saw them before the prequels came along and totes impressed all. not sure if i have a personal favourite, but this would be close to it. mostly as it has Lando and Lobot in it.

indeed, concept art for Hoth, the so-called ice planet. although it would appear to be more ice than snow, and i think there is a difference. all very exciting stuff, i am sure.

yes, that is the other mug. that one is a "first order" trooper off of one of the even more recent Star Wars films; The Force Awakens i do believe it was called. again, showing money is king, they keep changing the look of the troopers because someone else owns royalty rights to the so-called "classic" stormtrooper look from the first three films made. well, first three, plus the Christmas Special, plus them two Ewok films.

my penchant for collecting mugs is getting to be an issue. despite the fact that we have generous storage space in our kitchen it is coming to be dominated by mugs. we have ample and sufficient for our needs, and there are many that do not get used. the trick is, of course, that i cannot bring myself to be rid of any of them.

that's the back packaging of the mugs right there above, although you have probably worked that one out by now in great fairness to you.

right, well, there you go, let me think of something Star Wars related for July, then, so that i may reasonably put up a picture of the concept art calendar for that month in a contrived yet exceptionally incidental way.

live long and prosper!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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