Friday, June 09, 2017

was it spiros what won it?

hello fellow political franchise holders

this was, look you see, a subject i was kind of doing my darnedest to avoid. much, to be sure, how many of those who were directly involved, which is to say calling it, in it all were doing. to write of it has, however, become irresistible since several (kind of) readers of this blog have reached out and contacted me with a very interesting observation. well, interesting if you are interested in all this stuff.

in focus here is, as you have perhaps ascertained already, the election we had here in the UK last night. overall one has to say it marks yet another spectacular success for Theresa May. her brutality in the Home Office, where she demoralised the police and made it as difficult if not virtually impossible for British born citizens such as i to live in our own country, has extended to arrogance as Prime Minister.

but more of her later. for now, then, the influence of Spiros and a key, if not rare, victory for the Conservatives last night. yes, it's time for some Zac action and a look at what could turn out to be a pivotal result. go on, then, here's Zac in VIC-20 mode.

well known election enthusiast Zac Goldsmith has, after rejoining the Conservatives, won the election for MP to represent Richmond Park. this was after he had held the position in the 2015 election but lost it in a by election, prompted by his actions, in 2016. i did say he was an enthusiast, and let's remember his almost successful attempt to be elected Mayor of London in amongst those.

the margin of his win was, at the time of me writing this, 45 votes. slim and slender are two words to describe the nature of his victory, as indeed is the word "just" in context.

how is it that Zac won, and won by such a margin? a significant number of readers of this blog have suggested that it was the Spiros effect. a recent post of mine showed Spiros greeting Zac, with that picture being replicated below for those of you not inclined to click the coloured link. the speculation is, then, that this was taken as tacit endorsement of Zac by Spiros, and subsequently influenced the result.

is this at all plausible or likely? i am not sure. having looked at the stats for that particular post i can confirm that a substantial number of people had read that post in the days leading up to the election, should you consider 68 substantial. and isn't substantial a lovely, hard echoing word? that 68 does, of course, represent significantly more than the 45 votes by which Zac won.

so yes, maybe, just maybe. perhaps the readers of this blog based in Richmond Park, like so many of you all around the world, look towards Spiros for enlightenment and guidance. the dynamics of this are interesting. should Zac not have won then the Conservatives may well still have fallen short of the seats needed for the quasi makeshift government Theresa May is, as i write this, attempting to sellotape together. after, of course, she elected to dissolve a perfectly more comfortable working government to do all of this.

the wheels could, of course, all come off this spectacular success of a mess which Theresa May has generated. it is not outside of the realms of possibility that we, the franchised, will be summoned to vote in yet another election before the end of this year. such has happened before, and shall happen again.

as Zac really rather likes this whole election business, it may well be wonderful news for him if so. the amount of elections he is keen to contest is spectacular. i imagine he would see any year that does not have at least one election in which he can stand as being a bit of a poor year.

no doubt acres of text will be produced, across the press and throughout the internet, about what all went right and wrong in this election. as such i suppose i should not add so much. if, however, you are going to call an election, then you might want to do things like let people know for what reason it is they should vote for you. that you do by campaigning, you know, and stuff like appearing on nationally broadcasted debates as and when invited.

there are those that say we are a simple people here in the UK. perhaps. but we are not so simple, it would seem, to automatically vote for someone because they claim to be "strong and stable" without showing it, or appoint themselves to the title of "bloody difficult woman" without explaining how that is a good thing.

as things stand at time of writing, Theresa May, the demoraliser and destroyer of British families, will be off for permission to form a mockery of a government. how long it lasts shall be seen.

in passing conclusion, congratulations to Zac, then, for what was an unexpected return. i am sure at some stage Zac will pass on his thanks for any influence Spiros had in the result.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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