Sunday, June 04, 2017

man of action, or if you like


nostalgia, look you see, is perhaps always the more splendid when it catches you by surprise. most if not all of us wander around this world with a bank of memories, but it's not like we randomly draw from that all the time. a trigger effect is usually required to commence such a process.

yes, but of course this all relates to something along those lines happening to me not so long ago. as in it has happened, and is not something which is yet to be. whilst out browsing a little while ago i stumbled upon a reminder of a favourite toy from those days gone by.

indeed, the Action Man or if you quite like italics for branding Action Man toys. dolls for boys, if you like, they were boss no matter what they are.

much fun was had with my brother and assorted friends with these. you could get some amazing outfits and accessories for them. they were also smart to send down rope slides and the like, and have pretend battles with.

which one or ones did i have in my youth? well, i can remember having one of the "eagle eyed" ones. basically there was a lever at the back of the Action Man head, so you could move his eyes left to right, or the other way. i also had the gargoyle or lizard or dinosaur thing, the one you blasted with a prototype remote control to make it growl or stop or something.

i hadn't given anything Action Man a thought for many years; decades perhaps. well, why would i? sadly one moves on to other things from their youthful days. all too often that would be to grown up stuff, but no matter. that said, i did wonder what had happened to them.

a quick survey of the internet suggests that the downfall of Action Man as a toy was due mostly to the company what made them first going bust. after that, it was but of course one long battle for royalties and rights. in a way i am "happy" that it was so. i feared they had been swept away under some sort of "political correctness" or "unacceptable" broom. not once did playing with Action Man toys make me wish to join the armed forces or commit acts of violence. after Top Gun, mind, i would have been all over the chance to join the US Navy, but that was more for the volleyball.

no, i did not purchase one of the above. these "limited" or otherwise anniversary editions are quite expensive. i believe the market for them is collectors who will never ever take them from the box, which misses the point some.

and with that, wouldn't you know, Sweet Child O Mine comes on the stereo. i shall depart this nostalgia for some more, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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