Saturday, June 10, 2017

Lenin Lennon

privet tovarishchi

many of you, i know, recall fondly the era when a new mug was quite a regular thing for me. this blog is, look you see, littered with photo opportunities of such acquisitions. those days may well be gone for now, but the idea of me getting a new mug has not.

yes, no yes. the John Lennon mug you can see is one we, or rather my (considerably) better half, has or have had for quite some time now. the new one is, to be sure, the one which features a likeness, or if you will portrait, of Vladimir Lenin on it. yes, that Vladimir Lenin, better known as Lenin i suppose.

there was no way that i could resist putting the two together. quite similar sounding names, Lenin and Lennon. and indeed remarkably similar lines. both were fond of proclaiming peace, bread and land, to be sure, but there's much more. the two of them are well documented enthusiasts of Japanese art, for a start. and probably had an uneasy yet successful relationship with someone called Paul.

as for other similarities, well, i dare say that Lenin had a Ringo like figure in his professional life, too. perhaps Trotsky or similar. 

another issue that Lenin and Lennon possibly shared, as do so many in the modern world, is that of credit facility providers revoking perks which helped make their name. Diners Club international have, as you can see above, unfortunately elected to remove complimentary shoe shines at airports.

the above is seen as yet another allowance of standards slipping in this present day, but i promise you this sort of thing has gone on for some time. just because it is not documented does not mean it didn't happen, i would argue that at some stage both Lenin and Lennon yearned for polished shoes, but no service was available.

it might be possible that you would wish to look at these splendid mugs without Commodore 64 mode being applied. also, with some Australian sugar substitute in the background, along with a pot of coffee. should that be your most earnest wish, then this last picture is for you.

how do the mugs perform in their designated functionality? very well. although i can only vouch for 50% of these particular mugs, as my (considerably) better half does not permit me using her Lennon one. the Lenin one, however, does a remarkable job in letting me enjoy coffee.

right, let me get on, then, with enjoying some coffee from this most smart Lenin mug. or tea, perhaps. as i am not, so far as i am aware, a member of the industrialised bourgeoisie, i should be able to do so with a fairly clear conscience.

byt' otlichnymi drug k drugu !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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