Wednesday, June 28, 2017

it's not where you're from it's where you're at


just as all nets are full of holes it is true to say that all forms of writing - specifically blog posts - are self indulgent. there is, look you see, an assumption that what someone writes is something that others would wish to read.

with this in mind, then, this is all one of them looks at from where you, the dear reader, comes from. well, perhaps not you specifically, to be sure. more likely, possibly, your fellow readers. them others that come here that you perhaps do not know about. wildly interesting, the internet is.

my current readership is flatteringly higher than i would have expected. in a very real way i only ever assumed that some of my family and a slight percentage of my friends would click on this, maybe once, and that would be it. in real terms, somewhere between 1,000 and 5,000 of you come here daily. nice one, thanks for the expression of interest.

so, what terms do you, the people use on things like the google to find me? some rather interesting and curious ones, going on the stats.

the above is a shot of the most popular search terms used to find this blog from the last week or so. needless to say i am absolutely thrilled that fellow Bowie fans find me. it is also splendid that the post i did on where HP have hidden the SIM card slot on one model of laptop continues to be of use.

some quite strange things going on there, though. of them all i think the one i like the most is that a user of the internet found their way to my site by searching for "gayboy on train". presumably this relates to any one of the several train adventures i have shared on this blog over the years. what is less clear - unclear, indeed - is if the searcher was expecting to find me as the "gayboy on train", or if the Google (or Yahoo or similar) looked at my train adventures and determined that i was, in their eyes and thus as point of fact, a "gayboy".

of some concern, though i could do not a thing about it, is that my blog appears to be a relevant result for search terms such as "electro shock torture" and "interrogation electro". blimey! so far as i am aware i have never shared here the skills and secrets of how one does this. should someone have interpreted a post along those lines, then whoops.

a more expanded look at search terms shows a more expanded and somewhat more delightful list of terms for which i am found. splendid, it is, that Mad Max 2 features on that list. and Tin Machine. and the silence of the lambs. and Marlboro.

there are of course those who make a living via efforts to capitalise on success with search keywords. search engine optimisation it's called, or something. i don't believe i have ever made a specific play for any particular audience here, rather more me being just delighted that someone out there somewhere finds what i have to write from time to time of interest.

anyway, enough backwards, now forward to the next post.......

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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