Saturday, June 24, 2017

the mystery of the stamp of australia


ripper, as it were. i reckon this rich run of posts for the month is carrying on, look you see, with something once more of interest to share. it might only be of the most passing interest, to be sure, or perhaps even incidental, but interesting all the same.

i fairly recently received a parcel from my mum and dad, or if you so prefer my parents, out of New Zealand. nothing particularly unusual within this thus far, certainly, although yes that normally would mean something of interest had turned up. indeed it had, but not quite the intended or planned for contents.

here, me cobbers, have a bit of a gander at what was within, see what you reckon to it

crikey, yes, that is indeed a stamp showing off the splendid ways of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. crossing, magnificently as it does so, Port Jackson within the Sydney Harbour region, but for the benefits of tourists sometimes it is easier to say it crosses the Tasman Sea. which yes, possibly, might well be "the Aegean of the south"; if only we could hear the history it wishes to tell us.

one decidedly distinct aspect of the Sydney Harbour Bridge is that it is, as point of fact, to be found in Sydney, Australia. which is to say that this is not a structure one would readily associate with New Zealand, least of all within a parcel from that fine place.

needless to say i reckoned that mum and dad, or if you wish my parents, know full well how much i thoroughly enjoy boring you, dear reader, with tales of my time near this bridge and so placed the stamp within the parcel to facilitate further such stuff.

like, for instance, this glance back at my most splendid story of Sydney, linked in the colour of Australian Gold, and some photographs of me from the time.

yes, reckon i am wearing the green and gold of Australia in that picture of me with a broken arm (an incident involving a top bunk of a bunk bed), and indeed yes i reckon i am wearing my smart Boys Brigade uniform whilst listening to my walkman. Queen, probably. or perhaps Adam And The Ants. i do not recall listening to much other than those two at the time. possibly some Rolling Stones.

so anyway, in moving on as you would reckon i sent a note to mum and dad thanking them for the parcel, highlighting the stamp in particular. this would be the mystery element, then. no, either of them remember even so much as seeing a stamp like the one pictured here, let alone having one and saying "oh yes, this would be a most splendid thing to send to the other side of the world".

go on then, to make it all exciting during a dramatic pause, here's the stamp in the splendid form of Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on.

to be honest it is not like i was looking as such, but from what i recall there was no signs of tampering with the parcel which was sent. the idea is also, to me, preposterous. for what reason would someone open up a parcel from New Zealand to Blighty just to be as mischievous as to place a used or if you like franked stamp off of Australia within it?

exactly how did this stamp get within the parcel? no idea, and if possible i have even less idea as to how i would work out such. unless mum or dad did put it in for some particular or peculiar reason and then promptly forgot all about it. this has happened before, just not with a stamp.

maybe (or possibly, bracket fans) it's a mystery that is intended not to be solved. that, i reckon, is the best conclusion i can deliver to this post. for now.

ah, that last bit has just made writing any more a bit futile, has it not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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