Friday, June 02, 2017

wall of glass

howdy pop pickers

so, enough with the saying and on with the doing. Liam Gallagher has indeed launched his solo career proper, look you see, with a debut solo single.

the solo single, despite surprisingly not existing as an actual, physical record, is called Wall Of Glass. i believe the world at large heard it first at his debut solo gig in Manchester on May 30, with a radio premiere and video released on Wednesday 31 May.

indeed, it was off of that You Tube thing what i heard the song first, since that seems to be the way to do it these days. i did brave the radio for the two songs off of The Stone Roses last year, of course, but there is only so much of what they call Radio One these days. and none at all would be best.

yes i bought the "single", and Google were ever so kind in informing me that my pre-order was now ready and available for me. i cannot think why you would wish to see this, but here you go.

whilst i am pretty sure that all private and confidential information has been removed from the above, if i have left something in by error please disregard it and don't use it for anything naughty or illegal.

oh, the song? yes, i suppose i should comment. the best review i have seen of it is "instantly familiar". because it is. some might say (ahem) that that's derogatory or a dig, but it isn't. Wall Of Glass sounds like a solid smart rock song that should have existed for ages. it's a very decent song by any standard; for an ostensible "new" debut it's a bold statement of intent.

should you wish to hear it but, unlike me, feel no need to pay for doing so, it's available in all the usual places. i cannot be bothered, to be honest, to do a video of a few seconds for you here. instead, here you go, here's the You Tube link to the video for your pleasure.

from what i recall the debut solo album, due seemingly far away in October 2017, shall be called As You Were. there is to be no experimentation or "hope you like the new direction", then - just standard solid rock. i am desperately trying to avoid the mention or comparison, but in a recent interview Noel Gallagher said words along the lines of "i am not a rock star, never have been, but Liam was, is and always will be". spot on.

as one of the few who seemed genuinely sad that Beady Eye split up (they were a good band, they were) i am glad to see he's back doing what he does best. a world without big, arrogant rock and roll stars is a dull and lonely place. 

but of course the video, as the screens here show, is very much full of Liam Gallagher in your face. there would be something terribly wrong, indeed amiss, if it was anything else. as he gets up and does it i have not the slightest issue with his ego or arrogance. it is back, it has been missing, and long may it stay.

anyway, enough of my yakking. you have the link for the video, and probably have the means to find the song in other places. go on, off you go, play and enjoy.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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