Monday, June 26, 2017

taĭnite na kralya

pozdravleniya chitateli i entusiasti na tŭrsachkite

time, then, for another of those posts which my friends and family are probably not keen on me doing yet seem to remain popular with those who stumble on this site by chance, look you see. so then yes, as the title of this post says to be sure, cigarettes it is. or if you like some more fags. exotic ones, too.

something of a preview of these particularly exotic fags was handed to you in those halcyon days prior to the small matter of an election which was a spectacular success for the person who called, no insisted, on it. should you so wish, you can see that preview right here. reading on, however, might be the approach you take.

on his travels Spiros quite likes, and indeed very kindly, to look at fancy types of fags and bring them over for me to have a go on. no, he does not smoke himself. as well as being the leading legal mind of his generation he is also a deft martial artists. his body is his temple, etc, and he must always remain in combat fit form, lest someone wish to challenge him to a bout. as we saw, then (possibly), this time around he got me these beauties.

indeed yes, presented as usual as i try in the glory of Commodore 64 mode, these are fags or should you wish it to be so cigarettes called The King.

whilst the name automatically suggests this in the mind of absolutely anyone it is the case that the answer is no. so far as i am aware, at the least. these cigarettes are not endorsed or branded in any overt official way in tribute or homage to The King, Elvis Presley. whilst i like to imagine him having a splendid cigar from time to time so far as i am aware He was not a smoker as such, and so such a tribute would not in a direct way be suitable.

that said, if the makers of these cigarettes called them so because of their devotion to The King, Elvis Presley, well then so much the better. let no gesture of praise ever be neglected in this world.

should you be looking at the above and thinking here, them The King fags seem somewhat bigger than usual ones, they are. regular fags would be called king size. these are called 100s, or here in the UK "super kings".

in terms of the difference, these ones are longer and ostensibly thinner, although exactly how much thinner they are is debatable. normally they would have a longer filter section to them too, but these ones called The King do not.

yes, as usual, please do heed the anti-smoking warnings present on the packaging. i have endeavoured to make them as prominent as possible. smoking is, after all, particularly silly and quite bad for you. true, sure, there's some debate about exactly how bad is bad, but all the same it is but the fool who would suggest the level is an issue. harm would be harm.

what, no, that's just something to break this up. indeed that is a packet of Marlboro, with a solitary Marlboro left, and one of them "e-cigarette" things. indeed i am having something of an enforced go at all that quitting / cutting down considerably business once again. how successful has this been? at the time of writing not so much, but trying. it's quite tough.

back to more care free times then and something of an understanding of these, The King fags. are they any good? yes, as it happens. 100s, or should you prefer superkings, are not always my favourite but then again one, or i, will smoke pretty much whatever is on offer. these were most smart, they were, to be sure.

a bit of a closer look at the branding on the actual cigarettes, as well as some further emphasis on the warnings in place? i do not see why this cannot be so within the confines of this post.

are they worth your time having a go of? should you be a smoker with precisely no interest in quitting / cutting down considerably, have no health or financial barriers to it and can happen to access a packet where you are in the world, then sure why not.

my greatest thanks once again to his most righteous excellency Spiros for obtaining these and sending them along. he really does get quite busy with all sorts of legal stuff, and of course forming short term yet mutually beneficial friendships with me, so i truly do appreciate the effort taken.

and that would, indeed, be that for the now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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