Tuesday, June 06, 2017

all the seats were occupied


what are the rules about semi or quasi political posts on our around a general election? i have, look you see, for gotten. anyway, never mind, it does not matter, as this is not any form of proper news source and nor does it feature any sort of political intent. it just might get taken incidentally in such a way.

this will all be mostly the further adventures of Spiros, then. a significant and substantial number of my readers here are so due to the continuation of his adventures being shared. let me not give them grounds for disappointment in coming by.

Spiros has indeed, in his capacity as the greatest legal mind of his generation, been called away to lands far and wide. i think in this instance he was called on for an opinion in respect of an apparent slight or flaw in the Maastricht Treaty, circa 1992. someone who could afford the fee for Spiros believed that they could exploit this for fiscal gain and, presumably political power.

all of that is pretty much outside of my limitations of understanding, really. Spiros knows what he is doing and so i just stand aside and wish him well. i do, however, understand that the top dollar he commands means that in this instance, as pictured above, he was housed in some sort of Presidential or Imperial suite whilst he considered the matter.

do i not yearn for the same high powered, opulent and exciting life what Spiros has? not really. whilst i admire it, all that stuff just gives me a headache, to be honest. i shall rather stick to simpler things and appreciate their simplicity.

indeed the plastic bag, for which i am unsure if a form of punitive charge was placed, is branded "kinky". that is presumably the name of the shop where Spiros went. no doubt he required some form of provisions to sustain his contemplation of whatever matter he was there for. it would, however, be most splendid if whilst in that shop he was able to meet gentlemen who, like he, appreciate the value of forming short term but all the same mutually beneficial friendships.

the formation of such friendships is, i believe, one of the reasons why his adventures are so popular on this blog. if not adventures then exploits, surely. in the interests of balance i shall perhaps request that he write some sort of legal opinion to share here at some stage, but i suspect i could not afford the fee required to encourage him to do this.

on the subject of his short term friendships with men, fags.

so as to stave off the harmful, indeed barbaric, nature of taxation on tobacco here in the UK, as an act of generosity and kindness Spiros picks up some interesting looking fags for me on his travels. and none more so, surely, interesting than these,

whilst they are called The King i am uncertain as to whether or not they relate to The King, Elvis Presley, or some other, presumably lesser kind. at the time of writing i have not had them yet so i do not know for sure. whatever they are, though, i shall surely be sure to enjoy them.

some more of the lavish, exquisite accommodation which housed Spiros on this, his most recent venture out into the wider world? why not, since i have another picture, why not.

i must say it does indeed look rather posh and lovely, resplendent as it is with only the finest of materials and accessories.

perhaps at some stage i should head off with Spiros on one of these trips. whilst i could add absolutely nothing of value to what he does as the greatest legal mind of his generation it would be fun. also, i could hold bags for him, or shuffle papers, or open doors i guess. we will see. 

no, the above is nothing to do with Spiros. at least not directly. yes, the above is indeed from one of the semi-finals - i believe the first - for the 2017 Eurovision Song Content. Magic, my co-pilot from time to time, took this image and sent it on. as he is one of the many fans of the adventures of Spiros i have every reason to suspect he will appreciate his image appearing here.

as we shall, by the time this is posted, be ever so close to the small matter of an election here in England (and indeed the UK), a fair question would be what involvement Spiros has had with it. to answer that in full you would need to pay him a most princely sum.

in his kindness and generosity, however, Spiros has allowed one official portrait of him from the election shenanigans to be released.

indeed, yes, that is he with Mr Zac Goldsmith, the chap who is perhaps the most enthusiastic about elections over the last two to three years.

does the above mean that Spiros has been employed to do some form of consultancy or thinking for Mr Goldsmith? no. whilst Mr Goldsmith is famously wealthy, and as such is involved in politics entirely from a sense of civic duty rather than for career purposes, he cannot afford the fee which Spiros would command for his services. you never know, one day Spiros might elect to do some pro bono work; if so Zac may get lucky and might get assistance.

and so that is decidedly that for another edition. thanks as ever, dear reader for, well, reading. many thanks also, of course, to Spiros for leading a life far more interesting than mine. and of course for sharing it, to give something of quality to include here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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