Monday, June 29, 2015

FIFA Under 20 match and Tauranga City United

hi there

just a quick update whilst i hang around in the hope of hot water being restored to the home, look you see.

as regular readers here are aware, images from New Zealand are a rare thing, despite the disproportionately high level of family i have that live in the place. i have always taken it as that the people of Aotearoa have a healthy distrust of digital images in general, and specifically about sending them by this new fangled "electronic mail" business.

still, every now and then one or two images come my way, and when it is appropriate to do so i take great pleasure, indeed delight, in sharing them here. like, for instance, this one.

that is indeed my Dad with the celebrated, widely respected referee Howard Webb. both were in Hamilton for the Under 20 World Cup match between New Zealand and Portugal.

football, or if you like soccer, is becoming an ever increasingly popular sport down in Aotearoa, which is impressive considering the nation's supremacy at rugby and outstanding qualities in the game of cricket.

New Zealand were, of course, famously the only team to finish the 2010 World Cup undefeated. the winners, Spain, lest we forget, managed to lose their first match to Switzerland, a game that the Swiss chap Sepp Blatter watched after having a "good luck" meeting with the various officials charged with ensuring that a fair result was achieved in the game.

those wishing to see and learn more of football in New Zealand could do a lot worse than visit the Tauranga City United website, which features some as excellent as usual photography by my Dad.  just click on the name of the team and off you go.

thanks for the update, Dad, and i hope you had a smart time at the match!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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