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yes, indeed, more peculiar in the hmnnn sense rather that the comical, ha ha, that's funny one. i found a couple of images - well two, look you see, but i have milked one of them - uniquely related to London and, as an effort to say yes, i am still here updating this blog when i can, i thought i'd put them here for passing interest. a peculiar interest, if you like.

first off, then, a clearly ten year old picture that was used to promote a current story relating if not pertaining to what is, for the time being at the least, the capital city.

yes indeed this is some sort of property for sale in the city - i think it is actually this garage or storage locker that you can see, as opposed to this being an element of the property for sale entire. that's London property for you - if you own so much as a box down there, or even maybe one of them wardrobe things, you are in effect a millionaire, albeit a paper one.

but the above was not shown here to discuss London property prices. no, there's something curious about the image that caught my eye. feel free to spot it yourself, or scroll down now if you want to see what it is and you are in a bit of a rush.

just as peculiar as the ways of London property is the ludicrously and unnecessarily complexities they have introduced to the political system. yeah, i speak of this idea of having a mayor in London.

the general point of a mayor is, as we are all aware, to judge sandcastle contests and to open snazzy new business parks. as London has neither, it is the job of a mayor in that city to be blamed for things that they were unaware of and could not have done anything about anyway. the most recent holders of the post, Red Ken  Bumbling Boris, have been the personification of the ideal candidate for such a role.

Bumbling Boris has, however, decided he no longer wishes to be mayor. he has a sense for that class Mark Thatcher life, but instead of some sort of equatorial country he has selected the UK to attempt to do one of them coup things in. this, i presume, is because it is a good deal less of a way for him to travel, and he doesn't need to hire a helicopter or anything like that. it also helps that the leader he intends to overthrow, Dave "call me Dave" Cameron, has not only invited Bumbling Boris to come and do it, but given him a nice, convenient date to do it on that would suit all. well, why should revolution and overthrow cause a disruption of a timetable, i suppose.

anyway, Bumbling Boris leaving means that, inexplicably, they need a new mayor. perhaps they are expecting some sandcastles or business parks, i don't know. the above is the slip that Spiros got from an MP, asking for permission for that MP to go and have a try at being mayor.

the Brits, in particular the English, have a bit of a reputation worldwide for being all nice, polite and civil. asking for permission to be elected is, i think, fitting with that.

back to that cockney garage, which i think is in the fabled east end no less. here's an enhanced, as in brighter, image. see if you spot what i spotted in the original version above.

oh indeed yes, that is a figure lurking in the background. there's a close up coming just now. very strange it is; it could well be some sort of prop or remnant from The Black & White Minstrel Show, a TV show that is now no longer allowed to be made but one that London would vote with enthusiasm for the return of. so long, you would assume, that it highlighted the music of Chas n Dave. and they got Jim Davidson to host it, i guess.

there's a certain level of perversity expected, tolerated and indeed accepted with London, but this surely tests that. what sort of gent, for let us assume it is a gent, furnishes his garage of a home with plastic chairs and a statue of some black dude wearing a bowler hat?

but back to this chap that wants to be the mayor of such splendid garages as this, for he moment. although, just perhaps, the two are intrinsically linked, beyond both of them being in London and being, by normal standards, peculiar.

the chap that asked Spiros for permission to go on to become mayor has, from what i recall, some pretty interesting policies and ideas. Spiros said that the candidate expressed a view of how if he got voted in it would serve as a mandate for him to take away the vote from many people in London, with a strong focus on disenfranchising the Irish in particular.

how would he translate that mandate as mayor? not sure, really. i would imagine that we could take it as a given that no Irish sandcastle, be it in style or construction, would ever win a competition. business parks would have to get a player from Millwall to open them too, i suppose, or maybe a minor character off of that EastEnders show.

well, that will do for now. if any other oddities, be they relevant to London or to do with some other, less complex place, i will almost certainly consider putting them here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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