Wednesday, June 24, 2015

itwat progress

hello there

well, what can i say. my foray into the world of the itwat device has caused, look you see, some excitement around the world. some have very kindly and graciously welcomed me to the 21st century as a consequence, and a number have said that i will "love it" as and when it works. others, perhaps not with as much grace as you may think, have declared me to be a class traitor, a sell out, a hypocrite and someone that they will sh!t in the face of if they ever saw again, but i kind of think they'd want to do that no matter what sort of phone i happened to use.

as it happens i am still very much on the blueberry. it is, after all, a proper phone, as it has buttons. but sill, i shall do my best to get the iphone that Spiros kindly gave me up and running, and perhaps might even use at some stage.

in respect of the former, it does now seem to be up and running at the least, hence the update.

yes. it merely took setting up an older version of itwat on a 64 bit windows driven machine to convince samsung or whoever to let me download the very latest in ios excellence to run on this particular device. an inexpensive, perfectly normal and every day thing to expect you to do really - all other phone makers are missing a trick with all their fast, efficient "plug and play" nonsense.

not that we were done, of course. the fact that i had plugged in, verified and added the itwat phone to the computer and confirmed or if you like authorised it on the computer was not quite good enough for them people in California that hire Chinese children to do most of the work. no, i was required to press something on the phone that said i trusted the computer.

unfortunately, at the time it asked for all of this stuff to be done, the itwat handset was busy showing off a smart, shiny apple logo and an oh so slow progress line to indicate how it was making it all better by updating. i had to wait a couple of cigarettes before i could go ahead.

i quite like this next bit. Apple requesting a display or a gesture of trust is highly amusing on practically every level you care to name, is it not?

this whole idea of the phone asking if i trust the computer i've just plugged it into is stupid. what are the alternates here? that someone stole the phone, right, plugged it into the computer and then when got confronted with this had a change of heart? or that after i had plugged it in i got a blast of short term memory loss, couldn't remember doing so, got scared and confused by the mystery computer all of a sudden in front of me and thus got thankful that Apple saved me the trouble of blindly trusting it by their question?

i bought one of them 3, or if you like three, pay as you go sim cards for this handset, by the way. there was no way i was going to start using my regular number on it straight off the bat, and besides i thought it would allow me the opportunity to test another network provider here in England. my thoughts so far? i really want to like 3, or if you like three, because they sponsor the cricket and that. so far, however, my thoughts are that they are called what they are due to the fact that there are three words in the phrase "really sh!t signal". service and coverage where i am is truly awful.

i also thought that it might be a good idea to set up a shiny new email address on the off chance that i wanted to set up email on the itwat. i was well impressed with the email address that i was able to create to this end. i appreciate putting it here, even in picture form, opens the door to spam, but it's not like i will be using it all that often.

what is the password for that email account? truthfully, i haven't got a f*****g clue. i just hit a whole load of keys on the keyboard, cut, paste and pressed send. if for some reason i ever need to know what the password is i will just get in touch with them people at yahoo or wherever; i am certain if not confident that they will have absolutely nothing better to do than see if they can't work it out and let me know what it is as and when they get the chance to do so. 

so, we are getting there. the latest and greatest ios from huwaei or whoever is installed, and so i can now run bbm on the device. bbm remains the only decent mobile messaging package that i am aware of, and being able to add it to one of them itwat things allows one to make the itwat a worthwhile, almost non-toy like sort of phone, i suppose.

also, as you can see, i have that smart commodore 64 mode camera thing on. well, that's one of two commodore 64 mode camera things that i have installed. if three were available, right, i would have three on. and all three would be, presumably, a lot better than the network i am using. boom boom.

that i will be able to take pictures in commodore 64 mode with this itwat is the one thing that shall see me use this device from time to time as i go out and about. i like commodore 64 mode pictures and, going on the stats for this site, you all like them too. perhaps next week, then, i shall take the itwat with me on my travels and take some pictures in commodore 64 mode to show off here for us all to admire and possibly appreciate.

has anything other than the potential for class commodore 64 mode pictures impressed me about life with an itwat? why yes, weirdly. the battery life.

i was always led to believe that Apple hated fossil fuel almost as much as they hate Chinese children and consumers. my understanding was that the itwat, even if just left on standby, was packed with a battery that would not last a single day.

today's wednesday. this itwat has been sat in a drawer since monday night. behold how much battery it has.

yes, half. so in theory, it would last four days on standby. that's actually pretty good, and i would imagine would compare well to other phones. except, of course, that phone that Bauer has on 24, which never ever runs out of battery. and always has signal, barring plot twists, so presumably he does not use 3 or Three.

it is the case, at least, that i think the phone has simply been sat in a suitable drawer on standby. it is my most earnest hope that my (considerably) better half is not quite so retarded that she has, for no apparent reason, been sneaking it out of the drawer and charging it up for a laugh.

more on the itwat, i would imagine, as and when i actually use it for something.

cheers again, Spiros, and best of luck with that chap and the meat!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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