Monday, June 22, 2015

boba fett rules

hi there

i do appreciate, look you see, that it would be all the more correct for me to state that i have a measuring instrument which is emblazoned with an image of boba fett, dear reader. however, that would not nearly be as catchy or as intriguing a title as the one i have elected, if not opted, to use.

my travels today took me to that most splendid store known as Boyes, for i was in need of yet another belt as the buckle had snapped off on one of the few i have. Boyes was not my first choice, i confess, but it was the closest place from where i could purchase a belt in relation to verk, and it was raining.

i did indeed get a new belt - two, actually, so that nothing may be left to chance - and was pleasantly surprised to see that they had some of that Star Trek branded stationery in stock.

the above was purchased for the princely sum of £1.99, and was purchased as part of my commitment to paying good money for any item Disney cares to beautify with an image of Boba Fett.

i know there are many out there who do not at all care for the Boba. they would, one presumes, have preferred it if that lizard one, Bossk, had traced Han Solo in The Empire Strikes Back, or maybe that spaz looking thin robot thing. however, it is Boba that did, and thus Boba that is celebrated.

leaving Boba Fett and Battlestar Galactica merchandise aside for the moment, a number of you were particularly interested in the tale of the lost shoe.

rather strangely today, after the weekend, on my return to verk i was, as you can see, i was greeted by the sight of the shoe being pretty much where i left it.

i didn't really expect that the owner of the shoe, and bonus points if her name is Cinderella, to come and collect it. she was, presumably, in such a state of disarray due to alcohol consumed that she probably has no idea at all where she lost it. it is even possible, of course, that at this stage she is unaware of having lost a shoe. i did thing, however, that someone somewhere might have elected to remove or relocate it.

but you probably want a better look at that Boba Fett ruler, either to see how smart it is or simply to pour scorn all over it and tut tut a bit at it all. here you go, either way.

i have, frankly, more of these 15cm rulers than i could ever possibly use. i've got one, off the top of my head, with One Direction on it, and i think i've got one with Spiderman and Thor and all them off of the DC comics things too. also, i am pretty sure i have another one off of Star Whatever, only it has someone crap like Stormtroopers on it.

there are, dear reader, only so many things that i need to measure on a day to day basis that would not exceed the 15cm boundary of these rulers.

leaving measurements aside, then, for the centimetres are nowhere near as interesting as the picture on the ruler, here you go - another look at the abandoned shoe.

am i not at all tempted to collect, take, remove or relocate the shoe myself? not really. for as long as it stands where it is, it gives one something to look at and ponder as they have a cigarette during an allocated break at verk, really.

should anything exciting happen in regards of the shoe, or should i find yet more Boba Fett stuff, i will almost certainly do my best to remember to take some pictures and put them here.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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