Thursday, June 18, 2015

my mate charlie

hello there

apologies, if they are required, for the delay in posts here. i have, look you see, been away. london, no less. so yeah, several posts shall follow here of images of london. like, for instance, this one, which gets the priority as my mate Shaun asked me to.

just what is it that someone off of Yorkshire has business with in london? well, a couple of things. first and foremost, yes, Spiros is currently based near there, and i was long overdue seeing him. worry not, dear reader and Spiros enthusiast, a lot of him shall be coming up in posts. now was the time to catch up with him as Shaun was also to be in london for a few days. as london is roughly half way between where he is based and where i am, i felt it only fair and right to go.

Shaun, as we were out for a meal and a pint last night, was so very kind to take these photographs for me off of my blueberry phone and that.

yeah, that is indeed the legendary and celebrated Paul Raymond Revue Bar. did we go there? no. as point of fact, honest, i thought it had long since gone, so i was thrilled to spot that this was not the case. stories of the cost of things inside this place are legendary and frightening, so i thought just a picture outside of it would do. and yes, indeed, that is a naughty saucy bookshop next to it.

are there any pictures of me and Shaun in front of it? no. he was operating the blueberry, and besides i don't think he was all excited about getting a picture of him in front of it as i was. and yeah, now that i think, that would indeed be a Harrods bag i have there.

a chap, whom i later came to learn has the name of Charlie, walked past as Shaun was taking a picture. he was engaged in a conversation with someone, but when he clocked i was having a picture taken he took the time to turn and say sorry to me, and that he didn't mean to intrude and spoil a picture.

i said that he should not worry about it, that it was kind of him to say, and i asked him if he didn't perhaps want to be in a picture with me.

Charlie, i am delighted to say, was only too happy to oblige and agree to this request. so, as the title of this post promised, here i am with my mate Charlie.

what is it that Charlie does in London? as it turns out, he is something of an entrepreneur, or if you like a purveyor of the finer things in life. he took the trouble to offer to take Shaun and i to several places of entertainment, most notably ones that featured speculative wagers on games of chance and employing Japanese ladies on a short term basis.

we respectfully declined Charlie's most generous offer, advising him that we were merely off for a drink. to that end, Charlie had no hesitation in pointing us towards his pub of choice. and quite grateful for this we were, too, as it happens. a pint of bitter and a pint of lager saw me get change from a £5 note - rather impressive, considering what i had been told of the price of ale in london.

many thanks, then, Charlie, for the sound as a pound advice. i do look forward to catching up with you on my next visit to london, where i shall make provisions of time to allow for the discussion of your other concepts of entertainment in a good deal more detail.

many, many more images of london to follow.....................

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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