Friday, June 26, 2015

verk cuisine

hi there

some of you, it is entirely possible, may well wonder just what and how it is we all eat at verk as and when it is time to consume some food. conventionally, look you see, would be a pretty safe answer. as things stand, precisely no one has ever enquired on a general basis, although from time to time one or two have asked about a specific meal on a specific day.

should for some reason some of you wish to have a look, or if you prefer a bit of a gander, at some of the things eaten as and when, this post is for you. although, in fairness, do be warned, for there's probably more of what is drunk than what is eaten.

all week this week at verk i had been propositioned with an increasingly intricate fashions of green tea to try. today was friday, and my polite refusal was rejected, with it being made clear to me that my declining of the green teas was being taken offence to. i agreed, then, to try some of this mango & lychee green tea, although i was always led to believe it was spelt "litchi". unless they are two separate things.

who was it that made the requests that i rebuffed until such time as they took umbrage and exception to the point that i tried some? Chris. Chris declined the opportunity to be pictured with the tea, for he was having none of appearing on a blog he knew nothing of. also, i am pretty sure he wished to remain anonymous in his capacity as tea benefactor, so i shall mention him no more.

am i particularly interested or enthusiastic about green tea in general, or specifically green tea with hints, elements and gestures of random fruits thrown in to make it seem all post and fancy? not particularly, no. as point of fact i think this is only the second or third time i have drank the stuff, with this at least being fairly close to being by choice.

in order to best enjoy and appreciate the green tea with all that stuff in it, it was of course time to call upon an old friend that had been shoved in a cupboard at verk, used as and when someone needed to borrow a mug and absolutely no others were available.

yes, my smart 1D mug, celebrating 1D, my most favourite bestest, like totes awesome band ever. we have, not that you can see it here, modified it as far as putting a massive cross over the face of the one that quit. one of the cadets in the office pointed out to me which one had left, which was kind. they also told me the name of that one, but i have forgotten.

how was the tea? it was all right, i suppose. it did not cause offence, but it was not some sort of revelatory experience. i certainly shall not be giving up coffee, or proper tea, for it any time soon, put it that way. 

Chris, who i won't mention by name as i cannot recall his expressed wish on anonymity precisely, got rather excited about this business of me doing things and taking images of them, for the most part, simply to post here and write things about them. to this end he was rather insistent, in a sort of "break bread" sort of thing i suppose that i try some of these crisps.

what flavour are these crisps? a combination of smoked monterrery chilli and goats cheese, the packet says. indeed they do strike me as somewhat unnatural bedfellows, but there it is.

how were they? rather spicy for my liking, but i did manage to finish off a good percentage of the packaging.

as for a meal of more substance, if you wish to know i was able to secure a placement and order at McDonalds earlier today. i mention it as a fascinating thing happened, or if you like occurred, whilst i was there. as i sat to eat, a young lady with hair as splendid as it was varied in shade, sat four or five seats away from me, gave me a look that suggested she believed i had just p!ssed on her golden french fries, stood up, collected her meal and sat elsewhere. i am unsure if either my scent or appearance caused this, or the fact that i elected to sit so far away from her caused such distress. either way, my Big Mac was not too bad, thanks.

right, i am quite tire and, weirdly, presently without hot water. i shall call it quits for now, then, and see what matters compel me to write further over the weekend. most likely more book reviews, after that, well, at this stage i know not.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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