Wednesday, June 24, 2015

cow down

hello there

yeah, i know, i am still one story of london short here, in regards of my train exploits to and from the place. i shall, look you see, tell that particular tale at some point. i have, like, totes loads of pictures and a video to go with it. i just thought that all of you cow enthusiasts might quite appreciate an update on the crusades of the cows for a change.

cows, and their rather ambitious, presumed plans for world domination, have not been on here for a while. that is, for the most part, to do with the fact that i have not spotted them in the fields near to where my travels take me. that all changed this week, hence this post.

yes, there they are in the distance. and yes, this was taken on my fancy blueberry camera phone thing in the light purple pouch, hence the occasional light  purple shading. there has been some progress with me and the world of the itwat, but that's another post for another day.

a video of the cows in action? showing off the fancy, la-de-dah zoom capabilities of the video camera on a blueberry camera phone thing? surely.

unless i am very much mistaken, and in all likelihood there's an equal chance that i am and indeed am not, the cows are still engaged in ambitious plan to climb the trees, presumably so that they may taste the leaves which are normally the preserve of birds and the odd giraffe.

meanwhile, i am sure that body volt enthusiasts are just as optimistic about an update here as those who had so hoped for news on the cows. far be it from me to be the one who causes you disappointment, then. here, here you go, feast your eyes upon these.

these are an exciting new variant of Body Volt, ones that one swallows or chews rather than consuming via dissolving in water or some other such suitable liquid.

are they any good? i am afraid i have no idea at all. i did not purchase them for me, but rather for young Ben. he's off to that whole Glastonbury thing, he is. not, as it happens, to see either a presumably screechy sort of woman that has replaced an american what has knacked his leg, an apparently very angry and tres rich black american who is a genius because he says he is a genius or a band who i love dearly but, with 50% of them dead and 50% getting ever closer to it should perhaps consider a graceful retirement. no, he's off to stand in a tent the whole time, listening to some kid that is good at plugging his ipod into speakers and, presumably, even better at selecting some bangin' vibes off of his ipod to play for the kids.

to that end, Ben has sacrificed some of his precious battery time to send me this image. twice, no less.

no, i don't get it either, but if the above makes sense to you then i am very happy that you got to see it here. i think it's some sort of dig at people who don't like rave music. that would be since the overwhelming majority of music made would involve electricity at some point, and is thus electronic.

still, nice to see that Ben has his alarm set, presumably for the time when the best kid at plugging his ipod in is due to take to what counts as a stage inside one of them smart rave tents.

a super close up zoom image of the cows to finish? sure, why not.

do i still consider that these cows are a threat to our way of life at best, our entire existence at worst? perhaps. i was rather glad that they were quite some distance from me, so that i did not feel threatened or at risk form their ambitions.

more as and when, dear reader; more as and when.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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