Thursday, June 25, 2015

spider, spew and cyclist

hello there

yes, yes, look you see, if i am of a mind to i will finish off the london story later tonight; its completion dependent on me releasing images and video of the train ride to and from the place. just make do with all of this, if you will, and i will get to the train when i can.

it was during a reasonably hard earned break at verk, when i was indeed enjoying a cigarette, that i noticed something i had seen before and considered taking some images of. so here we go.

on the wall near verk, every now and then we get these little, red dot like spider things roaming around. they could be infant ladybird things, i suppose, but it's more impressive and far sexier to suggest that they are spiders.

i do indeed appreciate that the quality is not so great in this image. yeah, i probably should start using the itwat, and taking the best ever pictures of little red insects, or whatever spiders are (arachno or something) that have been taken in commodore 64 mode.

what are these insects? beats me. my best guess is that they are some sort of infant things - cubs, if you like - that shall grow and change colour so they are not all bright so red as they go off and do whatever it is that they do.

actually, they are based quite close to that class expression of love graffiti that so many of you were all excited by. it could be that they are all some sort of sex crabs things then, or perhaps another form of socially unacceptable life that passes between lovers or those overwhelmed with impulsive urges.

that video of them which i mentioned? now? surely.

if they are some sort of "sex spiders", then i doubt very much that they came from our verk. we are a moral, almost puritan, clean living bunch, and would not abide by such things. mostly.

what's this image? it's of london. Spiros, bless him, sent it on to me earlier today.

oh yes, if you are thinking that this image looks like a load of spew, that would be because it is. and it was, it looks, jettisoned by someone with some fury and passion.

who does, or perhaps did,belong to? not Spiros. as far as Spiros could work out there were several cans (empty) of an unspecified fruit cider quite close to the spew. it could be, then, that this is the handy work of that smart bloke who really likes flowerbeds and is employed in some capacity by the leading transport company operating for london, the name of which escapes me for the moment.

now, then, a bit of controversy, and sort of linked to london. in my time in the city last week, i read in the many free papers they have of a bloke that went around on his bicycle taking pictures of people who ate cereal as they drove. unsurprisingly, the week ended with a report of someone being knocked off their bicycle by someone who was eating cereal as they drove. by all accounts, the cyclist was attempting to take a picture of what the driver was doing.

there is this impression, then, that cyclists are all perfect, have some holier than thou status and can just do as they please. in actual fact, many, many cyclists are complete twats.

like, for instance, mister weave and wave you can see here, who delayed my bus journey by north of ten minutes.

i am not sure how well you can make it out, but he's busy talking away on his phone as he cycles, despite a big massive bus behind him.

my point, i guess, is that if it were the driver of a car i had pictured doing the above, everyone would be all at it, demanding they be arrested and possibly exiled to the colonies. not all cyclists are perfect, then, just as not all drivers are bad. twats are, and always will be, twats, no matter what sort of vehicle they command.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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