Friday, June 19, 2015

the lost shoe

hello there

yes, yes, there's a whole load more london town images and stories to come, look you see. i did, however, think that you might all quite like a bit of a break from them, what with three hitting more or less at once yesterday.

today was the day that i returned to verk. oh i agree, a rather peculiar thing to go back to an office on a friday, but i hadn't anticipated how shattered i would be off of walking across london for a couple of days and figured it would go well. which it did.

it was on my way to verk this morning that i got to see this. well, this and what one might well consider to be a substantial amount of broken glass, with the broken glass not featured lest i upset someone with it.

yes, a solitary, or if you like sole, shoe abandoned upon a set of steps. well, probably more one of them slip on sandal things than a shoe, but i am of the school that anything you put upon your foot that is not a sock could be seen as a member of the shoe family unless you are uber pedantic.

it would be no accident, i wager, that this was abandoned at some point during the transition of late Thursday night into the early moments of Friday morning. Thursday night is, in the pubs and clubs, traditionally seen as "student night", or "hey, let's all get completely sh!tfaced because it's Friday so it's cool not to be in top form for college or verk and you can recover in time to do it all again on Saturday night" night.

also, it's probably no accident that this shoe was abandoned a mere dozen or so steps away from the Bongo and towards the spiffy, shiny new home of the provincial constabulary.

here's one of them poignant angles of the abandoned shoe. kind of.

this rather elegant and sophisticated item of quality footwear would appear to belong to the more lady like sort of female person, or one of them transgender dude/dudettes that we are all now supposed to be worshipping and wearing ribbons for. to that end, then, let me say that i hope they got home safe and sound, and that the hangover was not all that world ending.

this is not, dear reader, the first time i have seen a solitary, single or if you like sole shoe abandoned on what is presumably the path home after a night on the lash. i suspect it shall not be the last. i kind of like the idea that someone gets so hammered that they lose a shoe but just press on anyhow. no, no idea why i would like that.

yeah, london and other stuff to follow!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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