Saturday, June 13, 2015

burner toothbrush

hi there

a quite common complaint against all these smart super agent detective investigator shows, be it 24, one of them CSI things or even, look you see, TJ Hooker, is that they neglect to show matters of personal hygiene in their "real time lapse" premise. Jack Bauer, apparently, does not have a bladder in the sense that we have all come to accept how one would work.

the lesser known response to the above is that the way in which super smart agent detective investigator types carry out hygiene and perform bodily functions is deliberately withheld from fiction. to hint at how they do it would be to give away, quite by accident, how they go about being so successful in the war against, amongst other things, Communism.

i'm going to take a chance and show you, well, not conclusive or comprehensive information, but insights into how it all works with one thing pertinent to the above - brushing teeth.

 if you're engaging in a top secret, no-nonsense sort of thing that's a bit like a mission to prevent Communist expansion, you've got to be armed with that which only you are prepared to discard. there's no margin to form a bond or emotional attachment to what you have with you; it could well leave you compromised and possibly exposed to failure and capture.

that's why the likes of TJ Hooker and Jack Bauer go to their nearest branch of Poundland and get themselves a burner toothbrush before going off on a smart mission. i am not saying i am off to do anything like the world defining things they did, for it would be foolish to reveal such a thing here, but still if that's a good enough place for them to get a toothbrush from then it's good enough for me.

when someone like Bauer - a TJ Hooker or a Walker, Texas Ranger are not stupid enough to get caught - gets tortured off of Russians or Chinese or whoever, it would be a lot worse for him, i would think, if they caught him with his toothbrush. and a toothbrush he must have, for Communism or whatever cannot be allowed to seep forward for the sake of poor dental cavity treatment. a folding toothbrush, then, that can be tossed aside with ease when your stupidity has allowed you to be cornered, is the answer.

also, if possible, a smart sort of toiletries bag to keep that and some toothpaste in.

yes, that is quite the more feminine sort of toiletries bag, but believe me it was the most closest to asexual i could find. the others were all pink and more floral. maybe it's a lack of plain, bland toiletries bags at Poundland that sees Bauer simply elect not to have one, which is why he's so rubbish and keeps getting caught. 

no, the toothpaste does not have beads shoved into it. incognito, or if you like clandestine, measures are required for whatever i am not up to. 

around the home, of course, one is free to use whatever toothbrush they like. you can go as fond of it as you feel, bonding away and being content together. but leave it at home if you are off on some sort of innocent trip that might see you either being targeted by snipers, or mildly electrocuted by some Chinese mentalist.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
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