Monday, June 01, 2015

meanwhile on bing....

hello there

Bing is one of them search engine things that isn't Google, but wishes that it was. Bing is, you would imagine, very jealous of Yahoo, for at least Yahoo got to be the giant of the internet before it became a fallen giant. Bing hasn't, thus far, even managed to be a medium to average presence.

which, look you see, is a bit of a shame, as it's actually very decent. the results it returns on searches are rather reasonable, useful and what you are looking for - we have just become so used to the quirks of how Google do it that we think Google returns are normal.

also, Bing every day has an awesome picture as a background. like, for instance, today.

today's picture was, indeed is, pretty awesome, it is not, however, the picture in itself that caught my eye today on the Bing site. rather, as some of you may well have noted yourself, or otherwise spotted in the above picture, it was the popular now section.

here, have a look at the close up......

is it just me, which granted it is likely, or are those four headlines something of a story in itself? "Kim Kardashian Pregnant, Leicester City Scandal, England vs NZ Solar Impulse" all sounds like a very busy, lively day to me. i mean, i am still not all that sure as to what a Kim Kardashian is, but if she was not going to get pregnant off of that potty mouthed entrepreneur she is involved with, i suppose she could do worse than pick a random player, or players, off of the Foxes (or whatever they call themselves) to do, as it were, the job.

yeah, this post is pretty much just one of something, anything, to make a first post on the first day of a new month.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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