Sunday, June 21, 2015

enter the itwat

hi there

well, there is, look you see, as much of a touch of inevitability as there is hypocrisy to all of this. in respect of the latter, i think circumstantially i will be excused, but i do not take that for granted. you can determine if the path i am upon is a valid one.

my chum Spiros has for some reason decided that he is tired of me living a life in which i mooch along with one of them blueberry phone camera things. he expressed his weariness at this by giving me one of them iphone things; a device that i have indeed expressed absolutely no interest whatsoever in owning in the past. but, what can i do, a mate has given me this generous gift, the least i can do is give it a go.

it's one of them fancy galaxy 4 models of the itwat, and appears to have 16GB of space on it, less the 3GB or so that Samsung or whoever deem necessary to reserve for "iOS". more on that just now, but wouldn't it be great if they hired people capable of understanding that an operating system should serve, rather than dominate, a particular device?

how am i getting on with it so far? well, i bought a sim card for it and eventually worked out on the device where Nokia or whoever want you to insert it into the phone. a tricky thing to do, that. also, i managed to "register" the device with them twats at Apple, and even got the Commodore 64 camera thing installed.

other than that, my experience of world of itwat has been pretty much limited to this :

the device came armed with iOS, but the itwat store assures me that i require at least ios for BBM, as in blueberry messenger, to work on it. so, then, despite Ben at verk telling me that updating an iphone iOS is "totally gay", which i took to be him meaning that he doesn't like it, i have been trying to get whatever it is Apple or whoever want me to have on the phone so that i may message in the way i wish to

how is that all going? it could be going much better than it is, but i suppose it could also be going worse.

the above is an image i have become quite accustomed to seeing over this weekend. usually it hits right after i have downloaded all 1.13 GB of whatever this iOS is. needless to say, it has yet to download successfully, either on to my PC or to the handset itself.

why don't i just download directly to the phone? because an iphone is apparently incapable of remaining locked in on a specific wifi signal.

hey ho, i will press on, and hopefully get the phone to work as it should in the not too distant future.

if you are wondering if Spiros filled the fractions of GB on the device with images of him down at the YMCA and Turkish Baths for me, the answer is yes, but not nearly as much as you might think. all such images, alas, have vanished with any number of the "hard factory reset" things i have done in an effort to encourage the device to accept the iOS it apparently needs.

as and when it works, you will know all about it!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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