Wednesday, July 01, 2015


hello there

July already, blimey isn't it hot, etc, etc. sorry, just getting the two points of conversation presently underway in England all out of the way now, look you see.

Spiros is excited. that's pretty much it, really, for he is always excited. however, in this instance, his excitement has some purpose and direction. mostly, dear reader, this is as a result of him having a smart new branding iron.

quite a smart thing, as you can see. i have helped him with this a little bit by getting him two of them massive welder like lighters to heat it all up with.

what shall he be branding? mostly cuts of meat, i would imagine. but if i don't ask any questions then i don't have to testify later on.

to celebrate this, and indeed just how popular stories featuring Spiros are on this blog, Spiros has requested that i set up a competition in which he may thank you, his fans and followers, with a gift.

what gift? we don't know. winners, and this might as well be open to everyone who reads the tales of Spiros around the world, will be sent a random artefact or relic off of Spiros. except Greek entrants, who will be sent a couple of Euros to help with their plight.

yes, we are serious, and there's the email address what we have created for entries. you simply need to reach out to the address and you will get a class Spiros owned or otherwise endorsed item.

what do you have to do to win? we have no idea. just send along some sort of message, picture, or whatever you like really. say how much Spiros pleases or displeases you.

legal stuff : we will not harvest, store, keep, sell or use your email address for any reason at all and will use it only to arrange for Spiros to send you something. you are advised not to send any personal info or postage addresses at first - please rather reach out to us with the mail, satisfy yourself that we are real, and then Spiros will send you something.

thank you for taking the time to enter - i trust and enjoy whatever artefact, or if you like relic, Spiros sends you!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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