Monday, June 29, 2015

old english hunt

hi there

my goodness, dear reader. i must be very careful, look you see, as i type the name of this, the most recent marmalade from Fortnum & Mason i have had the privilege of tasting, lest an erroneous keystroke sees my blog being flagged for foul and obscene language.

i have completed my sample, taster or if you like specimen jar of Fortnum & Mason's lavish Sir Nigel's Orange Marmalade. it was a most splendid of thing, and made my breakfast on a weekend quite agreeable. the time, then, has dawned for me to proceed to the next, rather centrally positioned, style or fashion of marmalade from my superb three jar set which they let me purchased from them.

hurrah, dear reader, and hooray, for it seems that blogger has permitted these images from that Apple thing to be presented in their correct rotation. not even google, it would seem, would dare defy what Fortnum & Mason consider to be the correct presentation of their provisions.

i have only so far had two slices of toast with Old English Hunt marmalade on. they were, however, two of the finest slices of toast that i have ever indulged in. the taste sensation, which was instantaneous, allowed my senses to experience a higher class, if you like superior, form of existence in which much of my purpose in life was to ride upon a horse in a smart red jacket, commanding a pack of suitable dogs to pursue and dispose of an unruly fox.  the part of this life which is, to me, exciting, would be throwing a coin at a peasant and instructing them to fetch me a peasant at once.

the label upon the jar speaks precisely of this, stating that the recipe for Old English Hunt marmalade as presented here dates to the mid 17th Century, during which it was consumed as a provision by those who engaged in the Pytchley Hunt. a, if you will, pre-hunt treat. i am proud to have become part of this rich history.

an image of the Old English Hunt in Commodore 64 mode? i do not see why not, although i have observed that Commodore 64 mode camera does not work as well upon the iPhone as it does upon the iPod. that is possibly because, to this day, the iPod remains the only actual, proper and decent thing which Apple have sold to the world.

i have, as you can see, only a limited amount of Old English Hunt marmalade at my disposal. i shall, i assure you, cherish each moment i have with it. as for more provisions from Fortnum & Mason, well, i may travel to london once more, although now that i have been granted tacit permission from the proprietor to purchase items from them, i may well dabble with a spot of online request placement.

my Monday would seem to be all about getting hot water restored to the home. i trust that your Monday is a most splendid one, and that you are already plentiful and satisfied in the realm of reverse cold water.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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