Wednesday, January 08, 2014

deo odyssey

hi there

the title of this blog post came to mind before i had a proper look at what i bought today. i had intended, and indeed fully assumed, that i had purchased a number (for four is a number) of tins or, if you like, canisters of deodorant today. it seems that, and i am sure there is some sort of legal reasoning behind it, i have not bought deodorant as such, but stuff that acts like it and presumably smells like it, but is not called that.

for those of you to be of a mind to be interested, i needed some (what i will call) deodorant as my stock levels were running unexpectedly low. it seems my one can of that class named Crusader Steel one got knacked in the suitcase, so i have been left with one.

but now, as you can see, i have four. and i hope the blue one is good, since i have two of that one.

deodorant, or "fragrance booster" as it seems to be called here, is damned expensive. these were all bought for the reason that they were on some sort of special promotion thing where they were half price. the half price price itself was a less than favourable thing to meet, frankly, but i had little choice i suppose.

and i do need this stuff. not really as a fragrance booster as such, but more of a , to use their parlance, fragrance suppressor or blocker. i cannot really walk around allowing my natural pheromone scent wafting around people, for it would in all likelihood spark a sexual revolution, or liberation if you like. one that my back is really not at all up to dealing with.

are the ones i bought any good, then? maybe. they were, as indicated, cheap. so yes they are good. i am sure scent wise they will do the job. if they do so to any spectacular level then no doubt i will report on it here. let's be honest, though - even if they do a mundane job i am sure i will pass a comment or two.

the adidas ones have me filled with confidence. i am not sure you can make it out, but it says on the tin that it was developed with athletes. far too often has the field of fragrance enhancement has been guilty of neglecting the judgement, wisdom and input of professional sports people in what smells nice.  i hope the stance taken here by adidas sees other sports professions included in things like developing medical equipment and rudimentary reviews of accounting principles.

as children, i recall, we said that adidas stood for "at dinner i did a sh!t". i suspect the kids of today are too busy with their tweeting to think of such things.

as for the Lynx one, which i am fairly sure i am familiar with under the name of Axe, i did not notice that it says "dry" on the tin. i don't like the dry ones, they are silly. but i have bought it now and thus i will give it a go. hopefully ice dive and pure game off of adidas will prove to meet my requirements should Lynx fail me.

no, on that note, i agree. none of them sound anywhere near as cool as Crusader Steel does.

i am hopeful that at some stage i can get my hands on some Brut or indeed Hai Karate deodorant. whatever the legalities are that prevent the above deodorants from being called deodorant, and one suspects the European Union is involved somehow, will not have troubled those two brands in the slightest.

am i trying any of them on now? no, i am off to bed. as you should be, if you are reading this late at night.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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