Sunday, January 05, 2014

quest for fire

hi there

if i remember right, and i am happy to be corrected, Quest For Fire was a film that featured Pris and that tall fella out of Twin Peaks, the one who i think was at some point knocking off that one lady with an eye-patch. well, who wouldn't? Anthony Burgess, i believe, was called upon to devise a language for the film, and if memory serves right they even had him in on Radio 1 (when it was decent) to discuss it.

the above is not really relevant to the pictures (and beyond) here, bar a link to the title of course. a week or so into our adventure and we decided it was time to have a crack at this fire business.

here's what i started!

i was quite impressed with that, but alas it is the case that the light which burns twice as bright does burn half as long. my skills with making fire are pretty much equal to my skills in making a spear and hunting with it. which is to say be thankful that them cavemen and what have you were a little bit better than me, otherwise we might not have got as far as we have.

happily, my (considerably) better half had what some might call certain neanderthal skills to call upon. i would not say that as she would get offended and probably hit me a bit. i was just happy to see her get the fire going all nice and lovely.

fires are lovely and romantic and that, but do seem to be of a decreased popularity. i think fires such as this have in some way been blamed for melting something or other in the North, or possibly South, Pole. or both. and they do make a bit of a mess which is not all that much fun to clean.

but then again, as well as being practical and giving heat, they are lovely and romantic. aaah.

yes indeed, that is some sort of Stone Roses shopping bag in view, and if you squint to the side you can sort of see the child's toy i am using as a computer presently. actually as a point of fact i am writing this on it. badly, i keep hitting the wrong keys and have to delete.

but you, dear reader, have no interest in my struggle or plight to produce this. no, and nor should you. your interest is in fire, and fire alone, except maybe the quest for it but i think i sidestepped that rather well indeed.

for your viewing pleasure, then, here is a video, no less, of the fire. i have not checked it, but if you can hear any music on it then it is the rather ace band Live. when Ed was still the singer.

fear not, Commodore 64 enthusiasts. i have not and will not forget about you. as the iTwat thing was reasonably close to hand, behold, some pictures just for you in Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines very much on.

there is still not, alas, a video camera thingie that does Commodore 64 mode. this is a great shame, as i think a video of this fire with scan lines would be one of the most amazing things ever. i am not clever enough to make an "app" myself, but hopefully out there is someone that is and indeed that they are also enthusiastic about Commodore 64ing absolutely everything in the world.

another pic with scan lines? why not.

the fire is now, alas, exhausted, or out, or whatever the right word is to say that she burns no more. as the family at large think that this log fire business is class, no doubt more fires will rage away soon. whether i take any more pictures or videos remains to be seen - if they are smart enough i certainly will.

hopefully you are as comfortably warm as we are!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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