Friday, January 03, 2014

secret documents

hello there

i would suspect that anyone looking at this post after doing one of them google things for the subject will be disappointed. the title should probably be " results of a google search for secret documents presented in Commodore 64 mode with scan lines very much on", but that looked and felt like far too much to write.

anyway, here you go.

i have never quite understood the idea of "secret documents", really. if what is in the documents is secret and must never be revealed, why keep the documents? and why keep them in an easy to read, leakable format? surely it would be wiser for governments to train trusted agents to be mimes and just have them remember all the stuff, presenting it to those who need to be aware of the information in silence and, as an added bonus, whilst trapped in a glass box or perhaps even fighting to move forward against some unexpected wind.

looking at the results here, and yes indeed they were simply taken off-screen again, as it were, to show how excellent the Commodore 64 camera mode is, just storing all top secret things in Commodore 64 mode would probably work a treat. you can't see how someone accessing these documents would be able to do all that much with them.

most of the secret documents found via a google search seem to relate to all that alien and ufo business. it is quite class to see that the kids of today love that X Files thing as much as we did when it was first shown.

i recall once someone took the time, trouble and imagination to print and send to me, at the expense of a certain broadcaster, several hundred (and it could have been close to a thousand) pages of documents apparently relating to aliens being present on earth and what they are up to. i kind of recall flicking through it but never read it in much detail; assuming if whatever these aliens were doing was all that important or interesting i would see it in a newspaper or something.

what did i do with the documents? left them behind at whatever place i was staying at when i moved. in a somewhat mischievous way, now that i think. i am pretty sure i stored them in a way to make it look like they were "hidden" and how i must have forgotten them. if whoever moved in after me found them and read them, well, so much the better. they now, no doubt, know a good deal more of this alien business than i do.

why have i done this? because someone asked me to. i can only hope they have enjoyed secret documents, or documents that are as secret as they can be whilst easily accessible via a google search, presented here in Commodore 64 mode.

more, no doubt, later.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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