Monday, January 13, 2014

retro selfie

hi there

for the purposes of this blog, retro of course means by modern technology standards, the era in which one can send a selfie off to millions of people within moments of it being taken. back before anyone thought to weld a camera to a phone we had, believe it or not, selfies. it was only after we had taken them we had to send the 110 camera reel off in the post to get developed, or otherwise pop them in at the chemist. and then you had to either pay for expensive reprints to distribute it, or simply walk around and show people the class picture you had taken of yourself.

which, now that i think, no one did. because anyone you showed or posted it to would think you were a total dick, or whatever word we had for such dickery back then. but now, apparently, it is a perfectly normal, indeed socially expected, thing to do. a reverse Gary Glitter if you like, for the same "newspapers" who paid him fortunes in the 80s to say how wonderful he was at interfering with schoolgirls now have a somewhat different, arguably much better view on such matters.

but of course they don't attack bass players from The Rolling Stones or guitarists out of Led Zeppelin, because their cases were "different", according to what the police told one of the above when they thought they had better have a word with the constabulary in regards of certain Glitteresque incidents. oh.

anyway, back in the heady days of 2005, a selfie was something that one, usually a lady in a less than sober state, took on their ace Nokia in the bathroom of a nightclub or similar establishment. rather than point the camera at themselves and take the pic, the selfie then was taken as a reflection in a mirror, hence the apparently good idea of using a mirror in the bathroom of Mr Bong's disco or similar.

behold, then, myself in a mirror, although not in a bathroom. or a nightclub.

yeah, selfies were not all that great then, if you take the above as an example. which it kind of is, except i am not doing one of them "duck face" things.

2005 was of course a great year. not only did everyone have a Nokia, for Samsung only did toasters and Apple only did sh!t iPods and sh!t computers, not expanding into sh!t phones by that stage, but it was also the year of Freddie Flintoff. Flintoff was the heart and soul of the England team, of course, that won the Ashes back off of them Australians for the first time in nearly 20 years. he also led, admirably, England in 2006 and 2007 to a spectacular 5-0 battering off of them Australians, a far worse hiding than the recent 5-0 one was. but we speak not of 2006 or 2007, but 2005, when Freddie was king.

which is handy, as Freddie has personally endorsed the shirt what i have on in the selfie, sent to me by my new found favourite store, jacamo

there you see - it has a special tag with Freddie's name on. as Flintoff has endorsed it, i of course liked the shirt and decided to buy it before i had even seen it. good enough for him, most likely far too good for me.

why are jacamo's my favourite? because they do clothes for members of the gentry bigger than me. it is quite class to visit their store and not just look at the biggest sizes they have, for they would be too big for me!

and that will do for now. i trust you have enjoyed this look back at that bygone era 0f 2005 almost as much as you have enjoyed the present day elements.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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