Wednesday, January 22, 2014

some hard, expensive Valentines Day sucking looms....

hi there

as regular readers, or not so regular readers who navigate the menu over to the side before reading on, will know, i have already treated my (considerably) better half to a most magnificent, romantic and dare i say downright sexy Valentines Day gift in the form of an ironing board. you might find it odd that i have returned to the subject, then, but apparently another gift of love was required.

it seems i unwisely set down a marker with my gift, one that a good friend, Mike, decided to outdo. Mike, you see, decided to get his (considerably) better half a bucket and a mop, which equals two gifts. so he expressed love 100% more than i did, apparently.

there was no way i was getting my (considerably) better half a bucket and a mop, not when she has both a scrubbing brush and knees, so i had to get something else. a vacuum cleaner it was, then.

yes, that's right, the image above is indeed an image of the box of it taken via the medium of Commodore 64 mode with the scan lines on; a feature which means there is at least one decent, user friendly aspect to the average iTwat device. if you download it and Apple doesn't delete it when urgently fixing some Japanese matter on your device.

being the romantic type sometimes, i of course allowed my (considerably) better half to go right ahead and select whatever vacuum cleaner it was that would set her heart all a-flutter. on the provisio, of course, that it was well below a certain value. oh what a surprise it was when she exceeded that value, by some distance, with her selection.

i was given assurances that the extra money was required and well worth it, as some top level sucking would be assured by the larger amount invested. as this in many respects follows the logic being pursued by my good chum Spiros and his economic model involving Portuguese ladies of a certain age and certain appearance, i agreed to go along with the view of my (considerably) better half. in particular, yes, as i basically stopped listening after "sucking" was mentioned.

surprise surprise, then, that the device for the extra money seemed to be different/better than the other, more modest in price ones on offer, in respect of it being purple. i suspect i, or rather at this stage those nice people at the credit card company, have been duped.

still, James seemed to be most impressed with it.

as for the more conventional sort of Valentines Day gift, well, funnily enough an unsolicited one of them did in fact arrive today too. but not for Valentines Day and not for my (considerably) better half, although this did not stop her from opening it up.

that fine, fine box of Thorntons chocolates arrived with a nice note of apology concerning a recent incident with a business i am not prepared to name. very kind of them, especially as i told them that the incident in question was far from major and very easily fixed. far be it from me, however, to refuse the gift that they insisted on sending. especially as it would be very, very difficult to return it now that the boys and my (considerably) better half have had a rather good gander and indeed a go at the contents.

some of you dear readers will be romantic whilst one or two will be, in a sense, hopeless. to combine those two factors and make you hopeless romantics, here you go - the chocolate and the vacuum cleaner together, representing all possible aspects of Valentines Day, in one nice, Commodore 64 mode picture.

for those of you who for some strange reason are not enamoured with the excellence of Commodore 64 mode camera pictures, here is the vacuum cleaner in all its glory in the best picture a blueberry phone can take.

what's it like? 2000W of throbbing, purple-headed sucking, by all accounts. my (considerably) better half reckons it is ace, so there you go for a product review.

i would very much like to think that this is me and Valentines Day done, really, but i have a suspicion this will not be the case. if i end up getting yet more gifts, i will be sure to present illustrated moans here. so you've been warned.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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