Wednesday, January 22, 2014


hello there

well, for nostalgia fans, here's a post along the lines of why my dear family and much treasured friends started reading my blog in the first place - an update on how we are all doing. well, when i say me, i mean the interesting ones, as there are no pictures of me here, you will be pleased to know.

first up and as you would expect it's my (considerably) better half. when she is not busy sucking away with gay abandon (see post on vacuum cleaner for clarification), she has found an inspired, new to her love. that love would be in the form of a Littlewoods catalogue.

those familiar with what this is will be wondering, outside of the lingerie section, just what is so special about that. well, she has not seen one before, so got all giddy when it came through the door. and now she takes it with her everywhere.

yes, indeed that is her outside with it.

for those unaware of what a Littlewoods catalogue is (if i have the spelling right, and i have no doubt the child of the condiment phoenix shall let me know if not), basically it does what it says - a massive catalogue, from which you can buy loads of things, from a company called Littlewoods. once there was a rival to this catalogue - Kays, i think it was called.

anyway, to ram home the point, as it were, here is another picture of her reading it, eying up the goods on offer, wondering where my credit card is.

onwards, then, and to some actual wanderings as the title of this blog post suggested might well feature.

in order to allow my (considerably) better half some top level catalogue reading today, i decided to take William off for a stroll, or if you like wander. our destination was both known and unknown to me.

it fell into the realm of known because Gillian and Gran had mentioned it to me over the years, those two having discovered it some time ago and being quite impressed. unknown, however, because as i knew more or less where it was, i had never actually been there myself. i was confident we would find it, so we set off, and did indeed find it.

what we found, as in the destination, was a rather splendid and magnificent playground, much to the delight of young William.

a rather splendid and magnificent playground that, weirdly and strangely, we had all to ourselves. it seems that no one else felt a rather cold, misty Wednesday afternoon in the final throes of January was the ideal time to go to a playground. they obviously do not have the William outlook on such things.

i managed to take only a couple of pictures as it was some work to keep up with William. he was very excited indeed, and went charging around to have a go or two on absolutely everything!

no doubt i will be getting daily requests to take William up to play there from now on. as it is a most excellent walk up, and a fun place to play, i would suspect i will accommodate the anticipated requests as often as i can!

William was not the only one to have an exciting Wednesday, for his brother was not left out. James was delighted that his school uniform had at last arrived, as he was very eager to get it on. here he is getting dressed this morning!

not sure what we did as parents that was right, but James has really taken to an academic life. which is very, very good indeed, and long may it last! we did have concerns about him going to a new school in a new land, but it's been all good, actually great, so far!

speaking of another land, those of you who follow me on that facebook thing will be aware that i have been responding to the requests of the friends of my (considerably) better half to put up many pictures of her wrestling with the cold weather. here is one such picture for those of you who want nothing at all to do with that social network business.

yes, that's her outside in her fancy dressing gown, and indeed the picture is presented in the class quality of a Commodore 64 mode one with the scan lines most certainly on!

enough, you might well say, of my (considerably) better half and her shenanigans. far be it from me to argue or disagree with you. let me take you back to the weekend, then, since i could not be bothered to sort the pictures out into any sort of discernible chronological order.

on Sunday i found myself awake a good deal earlier than i had intended and left wondering just what it was i would do with the day. an answer came via the magic of that blueberry messaging thing and my Aunt Susan, who suggested that either or both of the boys might care for a walk around the village.

with it being windy, wet and touches of rain prevailing, James was having absolutely none of it, deciding that everything outside of the house said "stay inside the house and watch films". William, however, was as you can see raring to go. as i soon was as a consequence.

off we all went, then, for a most splendid and pleasant stroll. Susan was of course with us, as indeed was young Natalie, who we shall simply refer to as being a cousin of William and James. there is probably a more elaborate and correct variation of the title cousin that should be used, but really, who cares?

all were more interested in walking than they were stopping for pictures, but as i had gone to the effort of taking the proper camera, with partially charged batteries in it, with me, they agreed to a few images being recorded!

we walked some considerable distance, and impressively William did not get tired. he did not, as young children are sometimes prone to do, get bored either. i believe both are related to the fact that there were many puddles for him to jump in and walk through, testing the patience of his ultimately triumphant wellies to the max.

also the promise of an ice cream kept him going towards the end of the journey. and Natalie.

much as was the case with the playground, for some peculiar reason on a cold, wet Sunday afternoon in January these two were the only ones who opted for ice cream as being the best thing to have to eat. perhaps their decision will blaze a trail for others to follow, but i suspect that it might perhaps not.

no, i didn't have an ice cream. i tend not to like the things on the best of days, even if, as was the case with these two, they come from the finest and greatest ice cream place in the known universe.

a last picture for now, then, and due to the vagaries by which blogger now uploads images, it is another of James showing off his new school uniform. he is also showing off something else.

no, not my (considerably) better half and his beloved, dear Mum who has sneaked into the picture, but the Anakin and Obi-Wan toys that i bought for them earlier in the week. you may recall that they had "hidden" them and thus i could only show the back of the box before, so there you go, there are the actual figures.

and that will do for this update! it is late, and i have a rather unexpectedly busy day ahead of me tomorrow!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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