Thursday, January 09, 2014


hi there

the concern of this post was mostly postal matters in respect of my good friend Spiros, but a couple of related matters have come to mind. so this is not called "posting things to Spiros" for that reason.

to deal with the non-Spiros items first, i am delighted to advise that the last item i entrusted to the ways and means of the South African postal services reached their intended destination unharmed and in perfect hibernation. nice one, many thanks indeed to all involved.

secondly, i really like this to your door delivery thing. a number have items have arrived for me via the post and to my door either on the day they said it would or in some cases before then. that is something that is probably that many of you go "yeah, so" to and take for granted as that is how it should be. as someone that loves posting things and indeed getting them, trust me, after years of a postal system where things go missing, get stolen, get delayed and things like that, well, the costly ways of using the post office here are more than compensated for by the fact that it works.

except, apparently, in regards of mattresses, but that is another story. right, Spiros.

 my good friend Spiros took a degree of pride in informing me that the way mail is received, stored and distributed at his premises has undergone something of a re-engineering, or revamp if you like. mail is now, apparently, stored in certain specific areas according to it size, instead of how it used to be, whatever the hell that actually was. also, people are not to go near the mail unless they have been notified that there is something there for them, with the notification of course coming via that most heretical of ways, electronic mail. or "email" as the kids probably called it before they went off to things like twitter and this sexting business.

to celebrate as much as test this new way, and indeed to indulge the sheer curiosity of which drawer or cupboard they may go in to, i am of course sending items to Spiros via the post. already a very exciting item is on its way to him via amazon, but i am also sending something of a far more personal nature.

yep, i am penning a letter to him. mostly because my printer has joined my boots to face trial by sharks and trial by pirates on the treacherous seas. and am also sending him a page of a newspaper as it has 'Baz' is reasonable sized letters printed on it. it may, on the reverse, also feature information pertinent to an economic model Spiros is creating, based on the variations on a certain aspect about the persons of Portuguese ladies of a certain age. 43, if i remember the classified advertisement that took his fancy so much; featuring here somewhere on this blog during December 2013.

those with healthy eyes may have spotted four second class stamps in the above picture; a generous 25% of which will be used on Spiros. my only regret about sending this item second class is that there is, to my knowledge, no such thing as third or fourth class stamps. i am somewhat of a mind to just write "recipient will pay all postal charges and give the postal worker who delivers this a generous tip" on the envelope, but no, i will stick to a stamp.

indeed, also visible are a carton of Ribena - oh how i have missed the stuff and how i love it - and the child's toy of a "netbook" that i am writing this on, and indeed struggle to write other things on. 

i have no doubt that this letter, what i am about to write, will reach the destination on the address, for the postal system here works. i can only hope that Spiros gives to me information of how notification of its arrival goes, and indeed explicitly states or at the least gives a clue as to which storage facility for mail it ends up in.

i must leave now to pen this letter to Spiros, and to think of other things to send to him.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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