Friday, January 17, 2014

friday fire

hi there

nothing much really, i just had a most magnificent and splendid fire on the go and felt compelled, if not some sort of obligation, to share it with the world. if Duran Duran can insist everyone in the world look at a picture of them every Friday (refer their facebook thingie) then the least i can do is give people the option to have a look at what i have made burn.

also, here's a short video of the fire on the go. if you like you can make a DVD of it, or loop it or something so it just plays and plays. feel free to pretend you are really sat in front of a fire as you watch, unless of course you are sat in front of a fire as you watch it.

it might be class if i did this every Friday for the people to see. but then i might not remember too, or i might not bother with a fire, or it might (not for a while) be too warm to require a fire.

meanwhile, for enthusiasts of my (considerably) better half in the cold, wearing her ace jacket that has no sleeves on it, here is a picture taken mere moments before she "suggested" that i get a fire on the go.

hope wherever and whenever you are, you are doing most superbly cool!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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