Sunday, January 12, 2014

an adventure in time and Spiros

hi there

no, for the more regular reader, he has not got any of the items i have mailed him, so yes indeed this "extra" post about him might mean that this week, if not this month, becomes all a bit Spiros-centric. not necessarily a bad thing.

i had reason to be in contact with Spiros yesterday, which is always a good thing. Spiros had been, as has become the case for his first traditional day of the weekend, wandering the streets of Lambeth, Tooting and Staines, looking for a suitable trolley to fill with supermarket branded lager and indeed a suitable hedge to drink it by and have a nice nap in.

he did take the time out, however, from that to discuss with me this newspaper headline, taken from the front of a publication that theoretically is indeed, as a point of law, a newspaper as such.

there was much merriment when we same the names and contents of that headline, as you who know of the ways of Spiros and i will not need explaining. the "secret" element did indeed cause some confusion.

if you don't know what the above is a reference to, do not punish or trouble yourself with thinking of it.

meanwhile my business concerns yesterday saw me absolutely delighted to be meeting with the one they now, apparently, call JP, which has a distinct French overtone to it as a name, but as he and i discussed this was perfectly acceptable, for a name one with think to call the French is a name he is also most familiar with being referred to as, although somewhat considerably more endearingly in the ways it is presented.

this meeting, or if you like encounter, allowed me to propose to JP some regional based questions on behalf of Spiros, the latter presently working on an exciting global-based economic model. JP said that he was unaware of any Portuguese ones in the area, but advised that there is a substantial number of Polish ones. they, he said, were unshaved over a much wider area and whilst he wasn't certain of the exact pricing he anticipated employment, so to speak, would be no more than £5. Spiros insisted that i press for information on a Portuguese variation, and the answer was that the fee, due to the rarity in the area, would probably be around £100 per evening; something which seems to have unbalanced the model Spiros is working on.

Spiros' own research into this economic model took a most unexpected turn yesterday, going on the picture he sent of some premises he has visited and shall no doubt frequent with as much regularity as he can.

i was thrilled to learn that Spiros had found a suitable Turkish Bath for his wishes on his journey, for it is one of the types of establishments he has been missing since he left home. Spiros says that this one is situated in rather close proximity to an Islamic meat market, one that is open 24 hours by all accounts.

i have not yet ever accompanied Spiros on one of his celebrated trips to a Turkish Bath, but well might if i ever pop down to the area he is presently wandering around. he assures me that it is a fantastic experience in itself, and a wonderful way to meet and make new friends amongst members of the gentry.

in a related but unrelated matter, i recall that Elton John once famously said that he looked out of a plane window at the Swiss Alps, saw the snow and speculated that this was how much cocaine he had taken in his life up to that point. his whole purpose in doing so, of course, was simply to illustrate how fabulous he was doing in the money stakes. he was simply letting everyone know how much money he had, flying over the Alps on a frequent basis and of course purchasing lots and lots of cocaine, a product which i am led to believe is nowhere near as economically viable for as, for instance, the Portuguese or Polish services previously mentioned.

i was reminded of this not as i listened to Candle In The Wind in any variation or similar this morning, but as i gazed upon the rooftops at 8am.

yes, i appreciate that the above does not show the Swiss Alps, or even the French bit of the Alps, an element which Sir John, as it were, did not mention because of course France is not as affluent or as opulent at thing to mention as Switzerland. the frost on the roof just looked interesting, an indication of how cold it presently is.

not that Sir John, or Elton as Spiros would call him, would ever fly over my area. he would probably dictate, so to speak, that the pilot of his planes was not allowed to fly over areas featuring a population he felt was not wealthy enough for him to go anywhere near.

close to an hour after the picture was taken i can assure you that the frost is still there, despite the sun partially emerging in the sky. is this an indicator that snow is coming? not necessarily, but possibly. a number of people will be hoping so, really. many people are taking great delight in seeing images of my (considerably) better half in the cold, with her in snow being regarded as first prize. hopefully, for those wanting to see it, this will happen soon.

that, as it were, will do for now.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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