Saturday, January 04, 2014

bourgeois moi

hello there

in a recent post (yesterday) (last night i think) i mentioned that i had obtained an excessive, possibly over-indulgent amount of new socks. that they were at an exceptionally reasonable price is perhaps irrelevant, at least when i am brought before a court to explain my acts of opulence.

if i am to be condemned, i might as well, in the mean time, flaunt my lavish purchase. and when i say lavish, the socks came complete with all sorts of stickers and labels and tags and such things.

i was particularly gratified to see that the cotton used was combed. uncombed, or even blown dry, cotton is a very proletariat, lower class thing. i would not like to think of my feet coming in to contact with anything but combed cotton; i shiver at the thought of what diseases or infections i might attract in doing such.

the label was most helpful. as i tried on the socks for the first time i had a momentary brain melt, and forgot exactly where my heel or my toes were supposed to go. this idiot's guide to wearing a sock, then, allowed for enough of a partial reconstruction of my melted brain to ensure that - physically and perhaps spiritually - i had the sock on the right way around.

or had it on in the conventional, prescribed way at least. in saying the right way around i did not intend to imply that those who wear socks another way are wrong. if they are happy, let them be.

just about everything on this, yet another label which i purchased by default when i agreed to give over money to take ownership of the socks, makes me happy.

partially, it is the shoe size for which these socks are designed. just about all my other socks, bar 3 or 4 pairs, were designed for a shoe size of a maximum of 12, or even perhaps 11. my feet require a good deal bigger size, and thus often socks have been a squeeze. these are of the correct size for me, almost as if they were Savile Row tailored for me.

mostly, however, i am delighted with the presence of a construction worker hard hat on the label. as point of fact that might be what drew me in to evaluating and purchasing them. everyone, surely, has a favourite or preferred member of the Village People, and mine is the construction worker. his mustache and mirrored sunglasses were ace, and it was brilliant in the film Can't Stop The Music when he discovered rhythm by twatting some scaffolding with a spanner.

my mate Spiros prefers the leatherman. he says that the leatherman looks more likely to own the kind of hankie he would prefer (whatever difference that makes) and would be more likely to do things with him that he read about in an aquatic based sports publication from Holland that he has.

i suppose it would be a good idea to have a look at these socks, so here you go, a look at just one pair since i don't want to seem to flashy.

quite smart, i think, and i hope you agree.

in the post where i mentioned these socks, now that i think, most people just concentrated on the picture of sweets, discussing the relative merits of caramel inspired chocolate and wine gums. i am sorry that no sweets or any sort of confectioneries feature in this post. i do have a Twix here, as it happens, but i cannot be bothered to take a picture and upload it. it would just distract you from my socks.

and speaking of the socks, which is what i have done for the majority of the post, here is a picture of me wearing them, and indeed wearing them in accordance with the instructions provided.

i do have some reservations about posting the above picture. people might think this is one of them mucky websites, filled with filth for people who get all enamoured and excited by looking at the feet of other people, socked or otherwise.

right, i would be pretty sure that this is just about all i can say on the subject of my new socks. see ya later, then.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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