Monday, January 27, 2014

blankety blank

hey there

i was flicking through the television channels earlier this evening and was delighted to see that someone had taken the wise decision to broadcast an episode of seminal quiz show Blankety Blank. it was with particular delight that i saw it was an episode from its classical era, when Terry Wogan was the host. at some point someone took the decision to get Les Dawson to do it, a move that led to it, perhaps inevitably, going very lowbrow. i always assumed that they actually wanted Les Dennis to do it but someone made a typing error.

anyway, i got even more excited when i saw that one of the celebrity guests on the episode was none other than the oddly still not Knighted unless i missed it Paul Daniels. my joy did not stop me, you will no doubt be pleased to see, from taking a quick picture of it to post here. and here it is.

that Paul Daniels was able to find the time to appear on Blankety Blank tells you of the prestige and status associated with getting the nod to be a part of it. at the time this episode was recorded, dating it as best i can on the basis of the inches of the collars on the shirts, Paul Daniels at that time would have been busy with his own TV show, busy working on the scripts and soundtrack for WizBit, busy perfecting the premise for his own quiz show, Every Second Counts, and of course indulging Debbie McGee with some raunchy wand waving. it takes some doing to wedge a recording session with "Woges" into that schedule, i imagine.

no, sorry, i have no idea who that chap called Peter at the top is, except that he is called Peter.

related to quality like the above, i am not at all sure when it is over the last twenty years that Barry Norman stopped doing the film show on the BBC, but i am assuming it is the case that he has, for he seems to have taken a somewhat different direction with his life. a very good friend did that "tag" thing on me on the below picture.

and why not, indeed. sadly, i am led to believe that Barry Norman's premium pickled onions are not available with any particular ease or generosity north of Kent. not sure why this is, except maybe for some sort of prejudice against the north that Baz may have developed whilst living and working in London (innit). it could be the case that some sort of "regular" or "lower grade" variant of his pickled onions are allowed to be sold in the more southern areas of the north; i shall have to investigate. would be ace to try them, really. not that i particularly like pickled onions as such, but i do like Barry Norman and thus if this is the sort of thing he wants people who like, or appreciate, him to eat, so be it.

right, more posts, hopefully of this quality, as and when something interesting crops up!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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