Thursday, January 02, 2014

so. 2014.

hello there

blimey, another year. all the best and that to you, dear readers, the most regular of you, as it were, now reading my nonsense for a 10th year. thanks for sticking with me!

as would be the norm in the overwhelming majority of posts i have done in a decade of blogging i don't really have all that much to say at the moment, just felt obliged to do a first update for the year.

here, then, is one of them selfie things of me. probably taken on the last day of 2013, but if you want to pretend that it was taken at some stage of the first day of 2014 then by all means do, let me not stop you in such a humble ambition.

with the curious ways of the sun here, as shy as it is, rather difficult to tell if this is a morning selfie or an evening selfie. probably the latter.

some brief discussions with the child of the condiment phoenix has illustrated that i have not had much in the way of Commodore 64 camera mode action pictures on here of late. i cannot fix that in this post, but i undertake to get some more superb scan line sights for you soon.

i also, alas, cannot show you any images of my (considerably) better half right now. this is partially down to the fact that i have no new pictures of her, but mostly because she is getting all clever and busy with all sorts of contracts presently. if i put too much of her here she might start getting all uppity, expecting credit or royalties for something.

i can, however, show you our two wonderful boys, who rather wisely opted to spend the first day of this new year in their pyjamas.

as we had a rather promise-of-the-red-October-like requirement for milk and bread, no such luck for me, i was off to the shops. for bread and, indeed, milk.

predictions for 2014? not many, really. more hopes to be honest with you. hopes that my class idea proves to be a good one. so far so good.

i can, with a degree of comfort and certainty, however, predict very bad things for my health. very bad things indeed. i would not consider myself at my peak or prime anyway, but things are about to get worse.

why? because of these.

if you are looking at them and thinking "they look like they are bon bons that are Vimto flavoured", then your thinking is as far from flawed as it can be. for that is what they are.

some twat has decided to combine two of my most favourite things to basically produce a variant of heroin directed solely at me. regular readers of this blog will know my love and endearment of all things French, so bon bons have always been top for me, and Vimto is just class. the two together are amazing, man.

if you hear reports of my demise, then, know that a bag of Vimto flavoured bon bons, or perhaps an empty bag of them, would have been found about my person, and i will have gone sadly but also very happy indeed, with the taste of Vimto and the essence of essential France still tinkering upon my tongue.

as for the immediate future and predictions, well, i can say that a certain young gent will be off to watch the football for the first time. but that, as the picture shows, is not a prediction as such.

yes, James is all set and ready for his first ever live match of football in a stadium. he is excited, and indeed i am too, it being over a decade since i went and saw the Boro.

William, alas, is not coming with us. he is rather too young and impressionable, i fear. James is old enough to know that in the unlikely circumstances that we lose certain fans will use certain words that he should not be using or repeating himself. 

it seems i had a bit to say for a post that i had nothing to say in! hey ho.

more, no doubt, later!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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