Thursday, January 30, 2014

the complex selfie

hi there

not much really, i just thought that on the basis of my last post some of you might for some particular or peculiar reason want to see one of them Al Pacino endorsed cigarette lighters in action.

it is not too often that i like pics of my good self, but these two seem to have come out decent enough! must try and remember the angle for future use!

it was, as the title suggests, rather tricky to get a selfie of the Pacino endorsed lighter in action. i mean, i didn't get light meters or anything like that on the go, but just getting it so that i could use it and take a halfway decent picture which would let you see that it is indeed one of the Al Pacino ones was not a straightforward thing. i suspect i took somewhere around a minute to ninety seconds in the planning stage, which is an outrageous amount of time in selfie-world.

i can imagine a few people around the world tut-tutting (hello, Dad) at this apparent promotion of smoking in these selfies, but i really do not think there is anyone out there in the world so lacking in ambition that they consider me a role model or in any other way be influence by. well, except for that twat who hacked my email and facebook, of course. and that's someone i would encourage to play with fire. sad, mean but true.

just for good measure, then, here is the second picture indicated as being in existence.

so there you go. how does the lighter perform? in a satisfactory way i suppose, it serves its purpose and has done all that i have asked it to do. i have no complaints, and if someone asked me if i would recommend, suggest or in any way approve of cigarette lighters that were endorsed (apparently) by him out of Dog Day Afternoon and that one where he played an angry, foul-mouthed Cuban, the name of which escapes me for the moment but i think his character was called Scarface in it, the answer would be yes, certainly. except the one with that film on it.

and that's that for now!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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