Wednesday, January 15, 2014

what's this cable for, then?

hi there

one or two of you might suspect that i am taking the proverbial, as in the p!ss, with this one, but i can assure you i am not. i was inspecting the TV fittings around the home today and discovered a cable that was all too familiar, but also makes no sense at all (at present) to me to have near the TV.

if that to you looks like an old-school PS/2 cable, the kind that would connect a keyboard or mouse to a PC before everyone (except Apple) switched to USB, that's because to my mind this is exactly what it is.

i am baffled by why exactly might have decided to recycle that cable for another use, or otherwise use something that looks like it. it might, i suppose, be an s-video cable, but to my mind (and this bad pic below) the pins are not right for that, and besides it lacks any audio cables near it. 

i think there might be a TV near one of the cables with an s-video port, i suppose i could fanny about a bit and shove it in, so to speak, see what happens. probably not a great deal.

i thought it might have something to do with this whole "freeview" thing here, perhaps it is meant to be a connector to a "freeview HD" box thingie?  i think s-video was not quite as super as it thought in regards of an HD picture. it would be something of a surprise, then, to discover that someone had bothered to mess with s-video technology to make it HD in this world of HDMI cables.

well, if anyone knows what it is - if i am right or if you know exactly and i am well off the right track - do let me know! also i am baffled to see that SCART is so popular here. it was rubbish in the 80s and i thought it had died as a way of connecting equipment in the early 90s. why do so many TV sets made recently have it?

as for those who, as mentioned earlier, believe this is me in some way taking the p!ss, i can show that i am not. a medical practicioner did that earlier today.

the sample i provided was apparently good and satisfied a number of questions. the practitioner stopped considerably short of declaring it to be "the greatest sample ever produced", but i would like to think it was, at the least, top ten material.

right, let me stare at the cable(s) in question, see if looking at them makes me think of something whilst i eagerly await answers from those wise to the ways of what that wire could be for.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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