Wednesday, December 18, 2013

more cowboy action

hi there

well, what a magnificent way to bookend, and indeed flag the halfway mark of, this year. avid readers of this blog will be aware that i am always on the lookout for quality literature for my beloved mother-in-law. i have, to this extent, a proclivity for books that feature cowboys.

does she like books with cowboys in? i have no idea. well, i have no idea if she did, but i sincerely hope that she does now.

after the triumph of Cowboy Under Siege in January and Welcome Home, Cowboy in June, it was a delight that in December i could present her with a third, circumstantially aptly named book with cowboys in it.

that one is called Cowboy's Triplet Trouble and just looks awesome. well, it has a cowboy on the cover at least.

is it related to the other books? no idea. do i care if it is or it is not? not really, to be honest. i do however hope that my beloved mother-in-law enjoys it, at the least.

i do not know if she can be tempted to give us a review after reading it, but if she can that would probably better, and make a good deal more sense, than if she forwarded a review before reading it.

hopefully i find further cowboy action books to forward on to her in the not too distant future.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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