Sunday, December 08, 2013

poor sam

hi there

Samuel Eto'o is a player i happen to like, a lot. even though he's currently playing for that "big" side who have of course attracted many lifelong fans in the last ten years.

it gives me no particular pleasure, then, to join in with the digs at the lad about yesterday. oh hang on a minute, yes it does.

to out-dick the special kind of dickhead would be difficult for any player, you would have thought, let alone a player at the the club where the special kind of dickhead serves as the perfect captain and the ideal ambassador for the side. but Eto'o, bless him, did it, and did it without breaking any laws, vows of fidelity or even any sense of good taste. so well done, Sam.

yes, the picture you see here is what you think. that's Samuel Eto'o arriving to sit on the bench at Stoke yesterday, with two hot water bottles. two that we can see, at least, perhaps he had more.

whenever a foreign signing arrives in England, in particular the big name ones, it is always asked by the more old school football pundit "ah, but can he deliver on a cold, wet day in Stoke". as if they simply don't have anything like rain or winter anywhere else in the world, i suppose. still, nice of Eto'o to answer this question with his actions, those actions apparently being "no, no i cannot, so please let me sit here behind Jose on the bench with these lovely hot water bottles". you can, if you so wish, see and read more over at Metro.

i would hope that his team mates, the opposition and his fans gave him some friendly banter about this. if the special kind of dickhead did, one can only hope that Sam responded with something like "well sitting with two hot water bottles isn't as low, illegal or just plain sad as [several incidents removed for the sake of avoiding any legal issues]".

no doubt as soon as Spring dawns we will see Sam on the pitch, ready to do the business.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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