Sunday, December 15, 2013

the art of the early release

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just to clarify - the sale of these items has nothing to do with me whatsoever; i have no idea who has them, how they got them or even who they are. many thanks, however, to the one they call Pleasuredome Nez for the heads up.

someone, it seems has gotten hold of the early (first 3 months) 2014 releases from ZTT and Salvo. they are stated as being factory sealed, and that would certainly be what one can see in the pictures the chap selling them on ebay has put up.

link to the auction is right here for those interested. at the time of writing this the bidding was up to £28.00 (plus postage). that's rather too rich for my blood since i expect all 3 will be available for under that (i think) in February 2014, but there are many of you out there that like to get these things before you are supposed to have them.

as a  number of people pop by here just for the odd bit of Frankie news, here's the images of the front and back of the deluxe Frankie Said set, taken from the ebay auction for it and two other sets, The Organization Of Pop and The Art Of The 12" Volume 3. click away to see, and bid if you like!

the other two sets contain some baffling inclusions, with some of the most hardened, dedicated fans of ZTT being puzzled by the inclusion of a few tracks that have nothing obvious or hidden to do with the record label. hey ho, the Frankie set is a lot more straightforward.

as the tracklisting reveals, the DVD is easily the best Frankie one out yet, even if it is not perfect.

the inclusion of specific Top Of The Pops and Roadshow performances is cheeky, to say the least. they are mimed, and furthermore mimed specifically to the studio version, not versions specially recorded for the performances. as per the superb autobiographies from Holly and, most recently, Nasher, the band retain the rights to all live performances, so the label cannot release them. which is why the Born To Run (live on the Tube) on the CD is no such thing - it's the studio recording with crowd sounds from Europe A Go-Go dubbed over it.

this set looks like being the best Frankie release out there (when it is out there) until such time as the band can agree on releasing stuff again (highly unlikely, but you never know) or until the label turns around, involves the band and gives them a better deal to release some stuff (superdeluxe unlikely).

best of luck to those wanting to bid on these now, enjoy if, like me, you plan to get them on release next year.

UPDATE : the auction linked to above closed with a winning bid of £100.00. yes, one hundred pounds. the three sets sold are likely to be available in February for no more than £10.00 (ten) each. whoever paid that much is a wealthier and more dedicated fan than i!


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