Wednesday, December 25, 2013

the hostile ways of fruit juice companies

hi there

i recently had reason to drink a fruit juice thingie, the reason being that i was enjoyment of the juice, the type or structure of which escapes me for the moment, was spoiled by the unnecessarily harsh and aggressive tone taken by the juice manufactuer.

here, have a look.

is there, i have to ask, any need for this approach? a nice, soft, comforting font and soothing relaxation of the name of the proprietor of the juice followed by a lot of hostile, angry capital letters telling you what you can and cannot do.

i have paid money for this juice, so i will do what i like with it. it would have been nice if they had said "suggestions" for use, but no, they just insist on certain things.

i will decide where i store it, thank you. it might be cool, but also wet. it might be dry, but also warm. that is up to me, not you. you took my money for this product, there ends your rights over it.

also, i will refrigerate it as and when i see fit to. and i will take as long as i wish to consume it, i am not making a special calendar for this.

does every company that deals with fruit have to try and behave like Apple?

also that "for best before date see" somewhere else on the packet. would it really kill them to set the printing to put the best before date next to that pre-printed advice? and why would they want to sell me something that is out of date?

i see no reason for them to be so hostile. my (considerably) better half suggests that it might be a law or something that means they have to print that stuff. quite possibly the case that, but do they have to be so mean in complying with a law?

damn them, i shall drink the juice anyway, if only to spite them.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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