Sunday, January 20, 2013

cowboy under siege

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on special occasions i like to seek out and buy excellent sounding new books for my dear mother-in-law, Monica. she has an impressive love of reading, and i have an impressive love of finding interesting sounding books for her. quite a good match, i suppose!

this Christmas just gone was no exception. i had a good dig around for books and was truly delighted to find a book with this impressive title!

how could a book with such an excellent title as Cowboy Under Siege be anything but epic and mega? if you have asked yourself that, then of course you have your answer in the form of no, it could not be anything at all but epic and mega.

i did have some hopes that it might turn out to be some sort of heterosexual variant of Brokeback Mountain to appease that place known as "middle America". i did not, however, act on that hope to the extent of actually reading it myself, instead giving it to Monica for Christmas and asking for her to please send on a review.

Monica was delighted to get the book, and agreed to send on a review as soon as she had read. this has now been done, and so in a rare case of me handing over a chunk of this blog to someone else, here's Monica's review of the book! you are warned, however, as it seems to contain lots of the plot, so a *** BIG MASSIVE SPOILER WARNING  *** is in place!

Cowboy -Rich-vast ranch -millions. Father a senator in USA senator in the government. Scandal with infidelity breaks out about the father.  He hides on son's ranch. People kidnap sister to flush out the senator. The  foreman (American Indian) of the ranch gets injured. Daughter of foreman comes to look after father. She is half American Indian and old love. Totally misunderstanding about their initial love. She left because his ranch came first, he let her go to improve her self. Someone cuts the fence and lets some of his cattle run into a snow bound mountain He has to get his cattle ready for shipping to abattoir. They also incapacitated the foreman and shot his cattle.

The long lost love (daughter) gets into gear and helps him as her father is incapacitated. She has left a research job to assist and gets accused of negligence as one of her research patients died after she left her job. She gets suspended.

Someone keeps cancelling his trucks to get the cattle to the abattoir for slaughter. He eventually gets trucks to take the cattle. Not after a fraught  (there were crooks waiting for the cowboy and lost love and they managed to escape in the mountains and get the cattle-wow very exciting) excursion into the mountains to retrieve the missing cattle.

The father had joined a secret society and he found out that they had a plot to kill the president of USA, so he resigned and now they are coming after the father. Hence the SIEGE! Some likable ranch hand is to blame.

She  find out that the professor she worked for had taken a terminally ill patient to meet his quota for testing of a new drug. He never tested her and when she died he framed her as she was not there. He attacks her and the cowboy saves her! True love!!!!!!!!

wow, what can i say but thank you very much for the review, and i am glad to hear that it was as excellent as it seemed! it would appear that it is a very busy book indeed.

it must have been really good, as Monica is now asking for a sequel, or more of the same. as it turns out there are quite a few books like this one, as in featuring the same characters (i think). if you visit Gail Barrett's website you will see there are a number of books (well, 6) that seem to form the tale of the cowboy in this book. you will notice also, should you click on that link, that Cowboy Under Siege appears to have won a great many awards too.

happy reading if you go ahead and seek out this book!

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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