Thursday, December 12, 2013

(quite possibly sarcastic) sartorial elegance

hey there

actually, i probably do not have the time that i need to do a post of this size, but it feels like i do, so i will. there.

i recently, as the title suggests and indeed as those enthusiasts who follow me on facebook will be aware, arranged for some new threads. threads that one may call, as it were, fancy. here you go, have a look. please,though ignore me for how i look is unlikely to get better, but instead concentrate on the threads that are, as it were, fancy.

yes, it is me in a suit. with a tie on, a tie that is almost, so very close to being done properly. i can imagine my dear friends and colleagues at verk are hosing themselves with laughter at the idea of me dressed in such a formal way, going on how i used to look around the office.

now, i have been made aware of the concerns that some of you have about this new direction in look for me. a few of you are expressed fans of the "cowboy" look that i have been cultivating for nearly a year. i would like to assure you that my cowboy look has not been replaced, merely parked for a while. parked, i say, as in how Ian Brown said that his solo career was merely parked as he embarked on a reunion with that band whose name escapes me for the moment.

to reassure you, here is a quick picture of my cowboy look as the world saw it a day or so ago, or perhaps it was last week.

should i with success re-enter the verk space, which i certainly hope to do, for one likes to be a useful member of society, the cowboy look will have to remain stored away, barring casual or dress down days. if they are done as fundraising things, such days, i suppose it can be my "charity cowboy" look.

i kind of hope the new direction in look has something of a professional air to it, as indeed i do trust that it appears a good deal more formal than usual for me.

if for some reason you wished to see me in another suit with another tie, this next picture will work for you.

quite a bit of controversy around this one, really. whereas i and my (considerably) better half really rather like that tie, a number of my dear lady friends in England have objected to the paisley ways of it. is paisley not something that is "in" or liked these days? a shame if not, as it is ace. Prince says so, and just about everything he likes is ace.

i will no doubt wear it with some caution and only on instances where i feel it will be accepted as intended, then.

yes, i know this whole business of me in suits is a bit like that whole "lipstick on a pig" thing that Barack Obama said about that woman, Sarah Palin i think her name was. although she has no relation to Michael Palin as far as i am aware. pretty sure not biologically and am certain not in outlook.

you just can't see Michael Palin advocating things like hunting penguins or whatever it is Ms Palin goes and shoots in her leisure time. i mean, he might hunt penguins in a sketch or part of a film or something, but i am very confident that his personal preference would be to leave the penguins be.

will Mr Palin make mention of his anti-penguin hunting stance or distance himself from Ms Palin during the Monty Python reunion shows in 2014? i suspect not, it does not seem like the appropriate platform. but as the world saw and heard this week, there is no inappropriate platform to make a stance these days. also no inappropriate place to do a selfie, as such things now have Presidential approval.

moving on, but actually before i do i should stress that these are not selfies. my (considerably) better half took the pictures. and now moving on.

whereas i look much like me, suit or not, let me once again introduce the magic of Commodore 64 mode here, in which i do seem to look a lot better. in particular with scan lines on.

there, even i think i look really rather smart and dapper in Commodore 64 mode, and i do tend to be tough on how i look. i think them people that do that google glass stuff - might be yahoo or microsoft or someone - should do them so that it makes the world, all of the world, look like it is Commodore 64.

and here is another of me in a different arrangement of suit and tie in Commodore 64 mode to underline, or if you like illustrate, my point.

blimey, there has been a lot of waffle in this post thus far. and i think i may be running out of things to say. which is strange. i can still recall the days when i used to write 10 - 12 page long letters, on a typewriter no less, with ease. i miss those days. this whole email and blueberry thing really does kill the art of written correspondence. hey ho.

to go back to the controversy surrounding the ties, and here you go with the four ties that i selected to go with the new threads. well, i selected the predominantly purple one, a lovely bloke called Imraan assisted with the others. as in yes he selected them and i said yes.

Imraan is the chap, much to my good fortune, who was assigned to assist me in getting suits, shirts and ties at the fine establishment where i got them from. my thanks to him again, should he be reading.

i am looking at that picture now and i think there's nothing wrong at all with that paisley tie. it is a fine piece of work, as far as ties go. paisley dislikers are in for some upset just now, but in the mean time, yes of course i took a picture of the ties in Commodore 64 mode, which makes them look even better.

despite what you see in these pictures of me, i am reasonably confident that i can still tie a tie properly. i have been, as friends and colleagues at verk would testify, somewhat out of practice, that is all.

now, for those upset by paisley. well, i would hope the Commodore 64 look above would change your mind a great deal. if not, here is the inside bit of one of my suit jackets - the lining, i believe it is called in certain circles.

well, i like it, and so does my (considerably) better half. so there.

wow, i have uploaded a lot of pictures here, and not quite thought out all that i intended to say about them. hey ho. it is not like i spend all that much time thinking before i write; i just do it and every now and then use the correct punctuation.

go on then, some more looks at me looking reasonably decent, looking so because of course of the use of the Commodore 64 camera mode.

oh blimey, i nearly forgot. i am well impressed with the cover / case / bag things that the suits came in. but didn't take a picture, alas. basically, they have velcro strip on them, right, and proper handles. you can then fold them with minimal crease and no damage, and carry them like you would some ace HMV bags loaded with quality vinyl.

can i just say this Wired 200 keyboard is not actually as ace as i first thought it was when i got it. i will find a decent, wired keyboard again one day. i may have to go outside of Microsoft products to do it, but hey ho that is not my problem.

one last one of me, then, where the anti-paisley brigade will hardly notice that i am in a paisley tie, purely because of the magic of Commodore 64 mode. come on apple, or whoever it is that does that google glass stuff (samsung, probably) - pull your finger out of wherever it is and make Commodore 64 glass. they would be ace to wear.

and finally, a picture of the inner paisley on the suit for those of you who appreciate paisley, and indeed to show those who do not like it just how incorrect they may well be.

the rainbow thing on the trim on the inner pocket is rather smart too.

phew, that's me and this post about done, i believe. if you did, thanks for sticking with it and reading. with good fortune i will sooner rather than later be in a position to wear these suits on a frequent basis. it is unlikely, however, that i shall be taking pictures of every instance of me wearing them.

i do hope they are rather warm to wear.

be excellent to each other!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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